Britain's Big Cat Mystery

Discussion in 'Media Links' started by Lempo, Oct 5, 2020.

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    Whilst I'm sure there some truth in some of the sightings, I've yet to be convinced there are many about. Just not enough prey remains or footprints found . Been following the stories it since a teen. Plenty round here in the 90s. But funnily enough none since the old boys who were the main investigators died...

    A good friend grew up on one of the "Beast of Bodmin" moorland farms where journalists descended in the 80s . He reckons it was a load of rubbish and so did most locals. His family still farm the actual area and knew the other local farmers at the time.
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    You must have had quite a skinfull to not be able to tell a leopard from a moggy.
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    I have a friend who is a tracker... a real one... he learned his craft in Africa. He was commissioned by 'a zoo' to look closely at the Bodmin area and adjacent forestry for 'sign' and track. We worked together 15 years ago, exchanging skills of-air scenting dogs and man tracking. He said at the time that he had seen evidence 'sign' of large cats.

    Despite this, I had the 'big cat' believers written off as a bunch of lunatic fringe idiots, who should be categorised along with alien abduction wannabes and chemtrail, tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists.

    Until, a few years ago... I saw one. Or at least I believe I did; at close quarters. Now... I can't say 100% what I saw was a big cat (on Dartmoor) but I am left with no other explanation.

    I'm still sceptical, because I'm hard wired that way, I haven't seen subsequent tracks or shredded carcasses, so they can't exist.... or can they?
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    Did you have a big dog with you at the time?
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    This friend.... Wouldn't be called Perry? Would he?
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    There was a big cat "sighting" in the local area to us, a few years ago. And in a place domestic moggies are not usually seen.

    It would certainly be a suitable environment/habitat for a big predator to thrive so I'm not writing it off - but I'd need more evidence.
    I've not heard of stock being attacked (carcasses) - but then there are plenty of roe deer/foxes/badgers/rabbits/hares for a big predator to live off so ....??
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    I had two, a Rottweiler and TFS (my spaniel) - they form part of the story...
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    I was like that with ghosts. Until i saw one.
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    I used to help take D of E Gold participants on training weekends on Dartmoor in the 90s. We used to tell them all about the big cat 'sightings'.

    We brought a tape player one time with some lion noises to play outside their tents.:whistling:

    (I also used to go ahead and hide in a kistvaen grave, ready to jump out when they got there and were about to take a look. I'm not a nice person.:))
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    For me the thing that kills most these ideas is that if they were released 40+ years ago, one cat isn't going to cut it, there would need to be a breeding population. Difficult to hide a breeding population of pumas.
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    Kistvaen? how very Victorian of you... - Ive done the same thing :D
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    I'm curious about your story, Fossil?
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    I will reply with it :) - I just need a spare couple of minutes
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    The same here...
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    You should make a video of it.
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    oooooooohhhh yes
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    Petra can play the big cat :hilarious:
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    So I had better tell this story now.

    It was November a few years back. I was out for a run, the weather was foul and I have a route that I know like the back of my had and has some shelter along the way. It was late in the evening and I was 'chasing the light' as I topped out on a Tor I stopped to look down on flat area below me and I thought WTH is my dog doing there - this long black shape with a long tail (my Rottweiler has a full tail) - I noticed that her pink collar was missing as well. I whistled to her and was taken back when I realised that she was actually sat beside me. I was 2km in any direction from the nearest car park, in the middle of nowhere on the cusp of darkness in bad weather, there was nobody else up there.
    I realised what I had seen, or thought I had seen and (stupidly) ran after it and after my dogs; I was worried the they may be hurt. Then.... nothing, vanished, gone.
    I ran down through a forestry track and after a mile or so eventually came across a farmer on a quad with his collies. I asked if he had been where I had and the answer was no - I told him what I had seen and he shrugged it off...

    I contacted the big cat society and had a few exchanges from them - there had been previous sightings where I was - They believed it was a Jaguar.

    As time has gone by, I disbelieve my own story bit by bit :)
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    As has been pointed out already, where are the carcasses? How much does one of these cats eat per week/month, so surely we would be finding a lot of evidence of kills.
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