Clicking logo takes me to home page where I am logged out

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feedback' started by oreocereus, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. oreocereus

    oreocereus Thru Hiker

    When I click on the logo or "home" button to take me to the home page, it takes me to a secure/https version of the site where I am no longer logged in. In fact any https/secure version of the site seems to results in me being logged out.

    If I type in and go there, google chrome warns me the site isn't secure but I stay logged in.
  2. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    That's weird, anyone else getting this?

    That's kind of the reverse of what I'd expect
  3. oreocereus

    oreocereus Thru Hiker

    I seem to remember this happening a while ago then it suddenly stopped, so i figured you'd fixed it. It is indeed weird.
  4. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    What device and OS are you using?
  5. oreocereus

    oreocereus Thru Hiker

    Windows 10, laptop, google chrome.
  6. ADz

    ADz Thru Hiker

    Both standard and SSL based site is working fine for me.

    It sounds like you have a cookie problem in that it's treating https as different site to the http. Try clearing your browser cache and reload browser and try again. Also change your bookmark to the https version and just login there when you visit instead of http.
  7. oreocereus

    oreocereus Thru Hiker

    Seems to have worked now that I've cleared the cache and cookies :thumbsup:

    I did try logging into the https version before and would immediately be logged out on refresh. But clearing cache and cookies seems to have done it.
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