Columbia Montrail Bajada 3

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  1. Charlie83

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    Any wearers with opinions, gripes or likes?

    Decent price, but is there a problem with them? they have all the sizes in all the colours still left on sale, sh!te? or big firm/big stocks? or just not a cool brand?

    My old Roclite's have done a good while now but they're goosed and my Adidas Terrex swift R2s although super comfy are g/tex, so i'm after a new pair of airy, quick drying trainers. I would have actually got the non waterproof Terrex Swift, but i stupidly didn't buy them when i should have and the only ones left are black, i'm not wearing black footwear:biggrin:

    I have also looked at

    Cascada 14s 8mm drop. Probably between these and the Bajada 3s TBH

    Inov8 290s Faint possibilities, as i've no gripes with my last Inov8s, but at only a 4mm drop a distant 3rd
    looked at and discounted the Hoka one ones and Altra Lone peaks for varing reasons, mainly the drop (Or physically falling off the Hokas.
  2. Baldy

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    The original Montrails were great. Since taken over by Columbia not so.
    I bought a pair similar to the above from Sportshoes and the sizing was on the small side and they were very spongy underfoot.
    I now only wear addidas terrex swift.
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  3. Charlie83

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    Appreciated Baldy, aye i kinda had it in my mind they were two different firms at one time, thanks for the opinion/info though

    i have the Swift trainers and the mid version, both mega comfy and great when i need them, kicking myself for not checking out with the non g/tex version
  4. Matt Chaz

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    Hi Charlie

    when you say drop (4mm/8mm) does that refer to please? Is it the difference in height of the foot bed between the back and front of the shoe? Been advised to find shoes with a large difference front to back, to try and help bad heel aquinas / plantar factiitis foot problem
  5. Chiseller

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    I've had and the wife's had plantar... I'm mostly zero drop... It's other parts of the body chain that need correcting not just the shoes...
    Shoes and insoles are like taking a tablet for a headache. It's what causes the head ache that wants looking at.
    There's a massive rabbit Warren of advice with plantar...
    I can say this helped with mine...
  6. Lempo

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    High drop is not a cure, but it's an aid while recovering and healing. High drop can actually be the cause of PF, because it lifts the heel and causes posterior tibialis tilt (shin/calf is tilted backwards) and over time this will cause the connective tissue from the bottom of the foot all the way to hips and above to 'shorten' (actually just more sticky/stuck) and when doing more exercise this shortened tissue is yanked over and over causing micro tears and inflammation. PF is collective term, sometimes it's the long connective superficial layer of the tissue, sometimes it's one of the ligaments connected to the calcaneus, that's why sometimes the pain is like inside/right under/in front of the heel.
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