Cornmeal porridge

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Rmr, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Rmr

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    Anyone tried the Pronto porridge mix 120g foil pouch from Asda, just got the banana flavour to which you add water, ready in 3 mins. According to the pack should do 2 servings. Could be good, I'm not trying until the 25th so will let you all know unless others have tried. It's 60p a pack.
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  2. Sue

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    I've never tried Cornmeal Porridge. Sounds interesting. Will see if our lical stores have them.

    I sometimes take Quakers Instant Oatmeal - removed from the sachets and packed in ziploc for carrying and prep. I just add hot water even though the instructions suggest microwave. I've also experimented with cold soak porridge which soaks overnight. Problem is that I seldom feel like eating first thing in the morning so end up carrying them and bringing them home again!
  3. Rmr

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    At Asda it is on the world food aisle, also available in cinnamon flavour.
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  4. Shewie

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    I went into our Asda for some last week but they’ve stopped stocking it in our branch now :(

    I used to make it quite thin and drink it down, the banana flavour is quite chemically but palatable
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  6. Baldy

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  7. lentenrose

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    put it down to laziness-----aversion to washing up----but i prefer uncooked oats with milk---in fact just had a bowl for a snack-----last weekend tried oats water+aptamil baby formula--(large box left at my daughters glamp site)----bit sweet wasn t unpleasant----then coffee in same cup----minimal swill/washup
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  8. dovidola

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    Until I'd arrived at this formula, I didn't relish my backpacking porridge. Now I enjoy it so much I replicate it (with fresh milk instead of the Nido) for home use. Green & Black's Maya Gold is an alternative to the plain chocolate, giving an exotic orange dimension to the flavour but slightly sweeter.


    50g Flahaven's Irish Quick Oats
    25g Nido
    Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Salt
    (to taste)
    Dried Fruits, Seeds (25g)
    Add to:
    300ml Boiled Water (left in the pot after using a pint for making your coffee) and give it a quick simmer, stirring constantly.
    Cover, insulate and leave to stand 5 minutes
    Break up 25g Dark Chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa) and insert at intervals through the porridge (DO NOT STIR)
    Leave to stand for a further 30 seconds
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