Dale Head and High Spy circuit with camp at Dalehead Tarn

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    It has been a long time since I did much in this area of the Lakes so was keen to refresh my memories.

    The forecast wasn't the best. Gusty winds and heavy rain. Bring it on! The TS will cope with it. Whether we would was a different matter.


    Alex, my son, was joining me on this one. And I was interested to see how we would both fit into the TS.


    We left the car just outside Little Town and made our way up the ridge towards Hindscarth.


    We passed a few other walkers and a couple of fell runners. The wind increasingly made its presence felt as we traversed the summit of Hindscarth and made our way to Dale Head.

    It was now late afternoon and the hills were less busy. A couple of mountain bikers passed us struggling in the near gale force winds.

    After a steady descent to the tarn we pitched the TS in blustery conditions but before the evening rain arrived.


    During the night the wind decided on a volte-face just to keep us on our toes

    We woke to discover Alex had slipped down his sleeping pad a tad. The lower part of his bag was soaked. Just as well we were only out for one night.

    Breakfast and faffing led to a late start by my standards, but the wind had subsided dramatically which made for easy walking.



    We started to pick up the traffic again as early starters were heading our way after completing Catbells.


    Our route took us down Yewthwaite Combe back to Little Town.

    If you happen to pass by this way you may came across some of the locals.


    Hope you enjoyed this. I have short video of our trip here.

  2. Bopdude

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    Cracking pics and write up, nice to get out with Son of, me and mine are long overdue, long ago I got fed up of moving off the pad so now everything goes into the bivvy, big and bulky and not UL in any way but so worth it imho.
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  3. el manana

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    Enjoyed that Dave :thumbsup:

    That camping spot, I've only once seen that place unoccupied and that was on a Sunday night. The views across Honister from Hindscarth edge is one of the best in the lakes on a clear day.
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  4. Chiseller

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    Enjoyed that :thumbsup: can't beat that 'well rested face' on a morning :D
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  5. Mountain Mackem

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    First time I have camped there Martin. First time at the tarn for over 20 years :unsure:
  6. Mountain Mackem

    Mountain Mackem Trail Blazer

    Might have had about an hour of sleep... :sleep: :D
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