DIY down top quilt

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by Meadows, May 5, 2020.

  1. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Finally (after about 3 years) I've made a start on a down top quilt.

    Pertex Quantum 34gsm outer
    AdventureXpert 10d inner
    400/450g 800+ down
    220cm X 130cm tapered
    Comfortable to about 0*c

    Probably the first of many questions...

    Q. A double rolled hem around the perimeter or hem each piece and sew together?
  2. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    I just hemmed each side and sewed together. Makes it easier to open up and put in or remove down etc but less pro looking I guess.

    One thing I'd recommend is to leave a good 80mm gap at the end of your baffles so you can move down between them and get a nice even loft, or move it to where you find your colder. Between verticals and horizontal baffles and between horizontal and seam.

    P.s I think your being conservative with the temp rating, the American quilt makers say -20 f with 350g of similar down.
    Last quilt I made was similar to your design, bit shorter and wider and 400g of 850 but definitely good bellow 0c.
  3. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    I'm leaving a gap in the baffles for easy filling and for moving down around, funnily enough 8cm and also for a bit of a puffy baffle at the neck.
    Good advice on the finishing hem.

    I'm a cold sleeper so tempted to think 400g of fill will be ok for me.
  4. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Frustrated by my delayed (read lost in the post) matching blue thread I've done as much non sewing stuff as I can.
    Baffles taped on to the outer but still not really sure how in going to do the neck and foot draw cord.
    What works well other than just folding to create a channel?

  5. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Is that masking tape you'll remove after sewing?
    I used chalk pencil, can be hard to see but I never had the problems some people have sewing 10d. At least not mid panel. Easier than 20d silnylon!
  6. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Yes the masking tape are guidelines and will be removed after sewing baffles.
  7. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    Nice, much easier to follow than faint chalk that rubs off as you work your way down.
    Last sewn thru bag I did had nearly 40 baffles to mark out :o o:
  8. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Top quilt finished, phew.
    Predominantly for hammock use and should be ok on the ground if necessary.
    Vital stats
    220cm long, 130cm wide, taper starts at half way to a 100cm open footbox. Comes up to mid forehead with footbox closed
    Ptx quantum top 34gsm from Extrem.
    10d inner, grosgrain, cordlocks from AdventureXpert
    385g(ish) 800+ down from UkHammocks (ordered 400g but they seem to be rubbish at counting)... no longer a business entity sadly.
    Midge net baffle material from Tough Fabrics on Ebay, 6cm finished baffle height.
    Mara 70 thread on a basic home machine.

    Shell including baffles, GG, Kam snaps, footbox cinch cord, 2.5mm neck shock cord and 2 cordlocks approx 250g.
    Steep learning curve and a slightly stressful, yet enjoyable experience.

    20200502_123747.jpg 20200606_171244.jpg 20200611_161024.jpg 20200620_184642.jpg 20200620_184654.jpg 20200621_145901.jpg 20200621_145951.jpg 20200621_145848.jpg 20200621_150252.jpg 20200621_150356.jpg 20200621_145723.jpg [
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  9. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

    Very tidy work! :thumbsup:
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  10. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    Looks spot on, nice colours and very smart!
  11. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Thanks. Id originally got the 10d for the outer also, in orange. Couldn't believe it would be robust enough but knew the pertex would work as expected and was a bit of a rare find at the time. The blue wouldn't be my first choice but its ok as is. With hindsight the 10d would be easily cope as an outer.
  12. gamemaster84

    gamemaster84 Trail Blazer

    Great work!
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  13. PhilHo

    PhilHo Thru Hiker

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  14. Markmac

    Markmac Trekker

    Looks superb mate.Well done..
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