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Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by Nevis, Sep 22, 2020.

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    Yes, but I think they will stand by the $50 in total having now stated it, they seemed much more interested in their reputation and getting a freezing customer becoming a happy customer than squeezing the everery dollar out of it. But I guess $25 more is still worth it if you get the quilt you want to have.
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    When I had the overstuff done on a quilt I ordered is was $10 an oz extra. So paid $20 more than the marked price. So if they added almost 4oz (which is what was stated, although only charged for 3 I think) that's $20 for labor and no extra left over. I think they would be extremely generous to ship back without if they do, then that's fabulous customer service.
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    Mixed news.... The quilt arrived today looking very well overstuffed, only problem is that it's not my quilt!!! They've only gone and sent me someone else's!!! I can see this is going to be fun!!! :(
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    That sucks.

    Did you have to pay duties?
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    No as they stated it was a repair, but had an email from FedEx asking for description as EE hadn't put any customs docs on the parcel!! just hoping I get my own quilt back.
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