Ever sold somthing and instantly regretted it?

Discussion in 'Gear Chat' started by ADz, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. CEves

    CEves Summit Camper

    Will do! A New Years resolution of mine is more trip reports and less gear posts...

    We'll see how I get on... :biggrin:
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  2. Diamond Dave

    Diamond Dave Backpacker

    Yes, I sold my Woodsman X hammock and immediately wondered why.....
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  3. captain paranoia

    captain paranoia Summit Camper

    I don't think there's anything I've sold. Which is why my house is full of stuff, and accumulating... Including my original 'Peter Storm' cagoule; I dug it out of a cupboard a few years ago, and much of the PU coating flaked off. I gave it a good wash to remove the rest, sewed up the sleeve that had come adrift, gave it a Nikwax treatment and sometimes wear it just to annoy the 'latest gear' brigadge... It makes quite a good windshirt.

    I have sold spares of things I've bought at stupid prices, like the five Vango Venom 150 bags, or the 60 2l Platypus bottles... And the odd TK Maxx bargain bought to sell on. Come to think of it, I still have a few of those; anyone for a pair of Zamberlan size 38 leather boots; the Trail Lite (non-GTX), possibly (I might be worried that the EVA midsole has perished...)? Or a Pata R2, c2003, in 'burnt orange'.

    Things I do regret are the fact that my beloved Mixmaster has suffered a fabric failure, in that the shell and lining of the Powershield have delaminated; the glue has gone sticky and failed. You don't think of fabric items failing, apart from getting worn out, and you think they'll last forever. A Core Skin of the same vintage went the same way, but an Marmot Cousin IT (also PowerShield) is still fine.
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  4. Taz38

    Taz38 Thru Hiker

    Hmm yes, my eldest is using some of my old gear, some if wisely, some if it not so wisely...

    I sold one of my bikes, a DR600 for next to nothing...it went to a good home but I regretted selling it.

    Nothing else I can think of as I never really had any 'decent' gear till recently.
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  5. Goosegog

    Goosegog Summit Camper

    My Wilkinson sword Dartmoor survival knife... 1 week after selling statment comes out that it is being cancelled from production... :( looking at a small fortune to buy a mint one now.. mine never left the box

    And also a Olive green lowe alpine sting (genuine LA not a Dutch clone) ..
  6. Toot

    Toot Summit Camper

    Can't remember setting out to sell anything - it seems to get "retired", ie; put further back in the cupboard "just in case", or put in the spare cupboard "just in case just in case", or the spare cupboard in the garage (just in case I can't find either of the indoor "just in cases"), or otherwise it'll be used for some ****ty job. Then I feel wounded and hurt when it's lost/damaged/stained beyond repair and thrown out, but that mindset lasts longer with some things than others. I'd be more inclined to give kit away than sell it... Selling it is an admission of poor choice in initial purchase. Or is selling it it having a financial awareness? Hmmm...

    I'm still emotionally scarred after spilling gloss paint on a pair of Ultrafleece trousers - a specially made item - back in about 1985. They had to go, but it's like shooting yer dog! Still have the Ultrafleece tops though, bit tatty, bit thin in places, but still the best fleece ever made - too good to keep making it I suppose. Too good to sell, even now. Wore a treasured 20 year-old Rab down jacket earlier too. Sell it y'say? No chance - decades of life left in that yet. And besides, it's my third-favourite. Well, fourth-favourite if you count... etc etc.
  7. Goosegog

    Goosegog Summit Camper

    I also sold a Fleece in a similar style to BUFFALO made by a UK guy with a shop going by the name "Extreme outdoor clothing". I think the guy was an ex Royal marine .
    . I had it made to measure with a couple of mods for personal preference.. flogged it and regret it as the guy no longer make made to measure outdoor clothing :( 10 times better made than my current Buffalo special 6 .. Its was made with a Narvik Fleece inside and Olive green Tactel performance fabric outside.. the zips went well into the arms so you could use it as a blanket.. miss it loads
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