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  1. PhilHo

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    Fully in agreement, saves you having to stop to strip off after a mile but its not always easy to get it right. On Sunday me and Mrs Ho got lashed by hail and rain on a Nidderdale moor while doing a quick hike and got so cold we turned back as there was absolutely nowhere to shelter to add a layer and the layer we had to add needed to go under our hard shell. We started out warmish but within 4 miles were nithered and we're not nesh.
  2. Chiseller

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    Shame it went that way...
    Days that threaten weather like that... I may be found in my lighter weight buffalo type shirt next to the skin or with a Brynje.
    I can dump or prevent all the heat and stay warm when I need to as long as I'm moving (not necessarily quickly).
    It's for reasons like you've just experienced, I'm giving serious thought to one of those superlight bothy bags for when I'm out with the wife.
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  3. Cranston

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    The one I wear the most and the one I am wearing right this minute overlooking a hill range is the Fauxdini. For what its worth I reckon the windshirt has to do multiple duty.
    Protect your good rainshell as said above when the wind gets up but it has to be usable when highly active so like Mole I have one for above zero and one for colder. Neither block much rain but both allow me to be dry underneath working hard. I like over 30CFM for above zero. Works the best for me.
    Wondering about the Drop one for colder weather. Mr @Mole -any info on your measurements please.
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  4. gixer

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    I rate the Echo and Alpha stuff, works great in the warmer months for me

    Although both of us are "hiking" the difference between what we're actually doing is vast though

    When hiking or even trail running i don't care what distances i'm doing, at what speeds i'm doing or what times i'm setting
    For me it's 100% something for me to unwind and enjoy

    For you i believe you get enjoyment out covering X amount of distance at Y pace
    I think that's fantastic and as there is no right or wrong it's as valuable as anyone else's time on the hills

    For clothing though it does make a difference
    If i'm sweating i'll stop or slow down till i'm cool, so i can "get away" with thicker layers compared to someone head down yomping at a fair pace

    As i say no right or wrong, but i think it's important to understand the different approaches and how clothing fit in each case

    For you i'm guessing Alpha, windshirt etc are a huge help in maintaining heat/sweat levels
    For me it's a good wet weather clothing choice as it dries quickly

    So different approaches and uses but the same outcome
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  5. PhilHo

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  6. Cranston

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  7. slovhike

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    Interesting but I didnt see anyone mention Pertex Equilibrium windshirts (Rab Alpine etc.) it might be overkill for summer, when drying out aint a that much of an issue but for colder seasons I find it great as it breaths very well.....they seem to be gone..

    from BPL:

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  8. Mole

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    The thing with the high cfm
    Stuff like pertex equilibrium, is that they aren't actually "windproof".

    Very good if moving fast and building steam, as more breathable, but not very good at stopping proper wind. You can't have it both ways. Cfm is a measure of air flow. Therefore the higher the cfm of a fabric, the lower its windstopping abilities.

    Even mid cfm breathable stuff like paramo use, needs more windproofing if it's seriously windy and cold. You can feel the wind cutting through it.

    So, its a balance. Depending on the your needs and the conditions you want to manage.

    Pertex equilibrium is very good at managing moisture. From within or without.

    With low/no wind, equilibrium, being thicker (and a lot heavier) than a standard pertex, its somewhat warmer to wear. But as an outer layer, once the windchill gets beyond a certain level, it actually becomes colder due to the more open weave(higher cfm).

    So, from a UL point of view, if you don't need to take it off, pertex equilibrium is good, but if you need to carry it, it's more g. (not seen any sub 200g garments)
    For most backpacking, I prefer a UL windshirt these days.

    (I have used various pertexs since the late 80s, A montane pertex equilibrium windshirt and a Rab Vapourise for over 10 years, and Paramo for similar, so have had ample opportunity to compare itrw)
  9. slovhike

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  10. Cali

    Cali Backpacker

    I've also been interested in trying a Pertex Equilibrium jacket primarily for the bicomponent wicking and high breathability. Don't see much around anymore, Vapourise Alpine, Macpac Mannering, and lightest pure equilibrium would be Westcomb Crest Hoody. Vapour Rise seems like it would be similar idea to Driclime, only more breathable? I feel like my Tenquille hoody might overlap somewhat in being a softshell with light water/wind resistance. The Kauss fabric has a soft feel and seems pretty breathable.
  11. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    That's the old rab thing I have, except mine is a hooded full zip, haven't had it on for years but wore it most of the way over on a TGO one year, great weight at 147
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  12. dovidola

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    The Montbell Versalite bills itself as a windshirt that is also waterproof. If true, wouldn't this mean you would only have to carry one garment instead of two? Has anyone tried this?
  13. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    By the way know someone with the Versalite that works hard bushwalking in the alps and often-last I heard he loved it.
    Excellent hood as well. 175gms.
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  14. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    That's pretty much what I've been doing the last few weeks, its definitely very windproof (not as skin comfortable as a Squamish). It saw a good bit of rain and sleet last week and delt with it admirably, but it's still in a pretty new condition so I'd expect it to.

    I'll maybe take a windproof on a nice summer day hike, on a multi day I wouldn't bother any more, that's not really down to having the montbell, I just dont need a windproof to fit into my layer system any more. Although I'm have found myself increasingly thinking about wind trousers, maybe just because it's a gap in my gear and I dont like gaps:D
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  15. Cranston

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  16. NEEpps

    NEEpps Ultralighter

  17. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

    Use them with shorts which I wear most of the time. Stretchy and really not that see through. A bargain.
  18. Chiseller

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    120g and look like a gimp wearing them and a circus contortionist putting them on... I'm in 
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  19. Cranston

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    No no!
    78 grams in EU XL.
    With my bushwalking slippers.
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  20. Lempo

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    Slippers leave hoofprints?
  21. Lempo

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    US MH shop Kor Preshell half price and if you sign up for a free membership, extra 10% off or 60% off with code MHWMAR60
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  22. Chiseller

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    Have you tested the process to find the final price for shipping to UK before posting?
    Sport persuit have or had some at below £60 and Trekkin had them below £70.
    Trekkin ha
  23. Chiseller

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    It appears UK customers can't sign up or buy :astronaut:
  24. Lempo

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    I've ordered from MH US site before. I have registered as a member (free) but my address details are for Stackry which is the reshipper I use. I've ordered from MH website with my UK Amex using the Stackry address as the shipping/billing info and the orders have gone through ok. Stackry then costs about $13 for a single item like this and then there's custom declaration, which you can do yourself as Stackry will disregard the shipping note and let you put any value.

    Edit: Interestingly my CC bill shows Columbia Sportswear for the purchases made in MH store, so they seem to own the brand which I didn't know about, but I can't make purchases with the same card on Columbia US store for some reason.
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