Fun with alcohol?

Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Bmblbzzz, Sep 18, 2020.

  1. Enzo

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    First thing that came up when I just checked google

    Unimpressed with that flat at stove. It's a container with holes in the side, and if you read the specs it says it'll burn up to 70% iso, you have to add water to get it there if yours is purer. So it'll use iso if you dilute it to to the calorie density of ethanol or less?! Pretty sure that's true for any meths stove.

    I tried some designs that were somewhat more inventive and all failed.
    Holy grail innit.
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  2. WilliamC

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    91% with the Bobcat system. However, I'd be more interested in the Snow Leopard system, so not for me.
  3. Bmblbzzz

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    That's impressively advanced alcohology!

    But I don't understand it. You boiled that water and then didn't make a cup of tea!
  4. Rog Tallbloke

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    It was an evening test. My bottle of beer was kept under the table out of shot.
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  5. Bmblbzzz

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    Postman visited today. I like our postie! Brian he's called but he bears no resemblance to a snail. Anyway, I looked at the bubblewrapped rectangle that I retrieved from the envelope and thought "It's not all there." Oh yes it is! Neat, that. And then just before five I managed to nip out to the local hardware store and got a little bottle of bright purple methylated spirits. "Uses include degreasing and as a thinners for French polish and some knottings." Nothing about fuel... but it does have a nice big inflammable symbol, so I'm going to have a little play probably tomorrow morning. :)
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  6. Bmblbzzz

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    So I was going to make a cup of tea on the lawnlet but then it was pouring with rain. I wimped out and did something new and pointless; I used a camping stove indoors. Not pointless, of course, if you're doing it for SCIENCE or MEDIA but I was just making a cup of tea. Oh, okay, that's a good reason too. Turned out it was just as well I didn't do it outside as the matches were damp. Old. And the lighter was rusted up. I remember buying it in 2017 when my piezo thing wouldn't work and it probably hasn't been used since then, as I got a different stove with inbuilt ignition, and none of us are smokers. Anyway, then I got distracted by a parcel delivery after I'd lit it and a small spillage (overfilled the stove :frown: ) so I didn't really notice but all of a sudden, seemed very quick, it was boiling away. I am impressed.
  7. Rog Tallbloke

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    Glad that sentence didn't read "all of a sudden, seemed very quick, my sofa was going up in flames".

    Best way to extinguish an overfueled stove is to smother it with a wet towel. Don't pour water on it, that just makes things worse.
  8. Bmblbzzz

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    Ha! No, I poured the excess out before lighting. Besides, the sofa wouldn't have gone up in flames, I was in the kitchen!

    ETA: Maybe that sounds flippant, so I'll add that I had put the stove on a ceramic plate, to be safe.
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