Wanted Hammock tree-huggers / MYOG webbing material

Discussion in 'Wanted & Swaps' started by lotari, May 23, 2020 at 2:55 PM.

  1. lotari

    lotari Day Walker

    Looking for either a pair of UL hammock tree-huggers, or webbing suitable for a simple MYOG job.

    Basically something like the Dutchware Spider Web 1.5 1" (20.2g per a pair of 5ft huggers, for raw material: 1.5g/ft | 4.9g/m), or something similar.

    My current huggers weigh 60g for the pair, so am looking for at least halving the weight to make the expenditure worthwhile.

    Would order from the DW, but with the current situation shipping from the U.S. is either very unreliable timewise, or very expensive.

    Also if anyone knows an EU source for suitable huggers or webbing, I'm all ears! Already checked Extremtextil and AdventureXpert for materials and these hammock specific stores: dutchhammockstore.nl, The Hammock Fairy and the Henge Hammocks.

    Am located in Finland, if that matters.
  2. Meadows

    Meadows Section Hiker

    Not seen anything that light for sale outside the US. Let us know if you do.
    What do you use currently?

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