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Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by Beachlover, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Beachlover

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    I have been lurking here for few months and recently joined up, so reckoned I should take the time to say hello.
    I've been on BCUK and British Blades for years. I've also camped and been involved in the outdoors for as long as I can recall, have in the past been involved in taking young offenders on DofE and other outward bound type activities.
    With the general decrepitude that comes with advancing years, especially a pair of worn out knees, I've lately tended to static camp and usually take a car which has meant anything but lightweight camping. It has also meant that I'd mentally put walking far well off the agenda until I was enticed into walking the Camino Portugues just before last Christmas and completed it, carting about 10kg for 253 kilometres over ten days let month.
    As a result I am now well and truly bitten by the bug again and apart from wanting to do the coastal route of the Camino next year, I have set my sights on St Cuthbert's Way later this year with other shorter outings in between.
    I have to say that lightening the personal lard I have been carrying has probably made the biggest difference, but like most folks I like bright, shiny new kit and I am now beginning to address the kit I carry thanks to the knowledge and advice that this place and it's membership have to offer.

    Somehow posted this as I was editing the title, so if a kind Mod could edit the title back to Hello Everyone I'd be eternally grateful - Ta. :)
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  2. Shewie

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    Welcome to the forum Beachlover :)
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  3. Jacko1066

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    Welcome to the forum!!! Enjoy the content chap!! There are plenty of folks round here that are full to the brim with knowledge and tips to make life out in the wilds that little bit easier!!!
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  4. Beachlover

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    Thanks for the welcomes guys. :)
  5. Graham

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    Hello and welcome @Beachlover. Sounds like you've rediscovered your trekking mojo :)
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