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Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by Helen E, Nov 5, 2018.

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    :rolleyes: :roflmao:

    Hi Helen :)

    I bought a (cheap) battery inflation thingy, works okay but is noisy and weighs a bit more than the thermarest one, so I bought a thermarest air tap (a bit of tube and a plastic bag) which was cheap, works well at home but is a faff in a tent (especially when you're knackered), now I've got a exped mini pump which works well (at home) with an adapter (from the air tap)... :bucktooth: ...after all that I should've just bought the thermarest ( battery) pump to start with.

    IMG_0507.PNG IMG_0509.JPG IMG_0508.JPG
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  2. Helen E

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    Hey, thank you so much everyone - for all the welcomes and for the various comments that made me laugh - I shall be careful what I post! - and for the links to the pumps. I've got the neoair pump sack which doubles nicely as an exercise ball (meant to be a camp stool but requires balancing on...) but it's 77g so the inflator doodar looks hopeful. I take the points about spiky surroundings, the wet Western Seaboard, and faffing when tired, so I'll experiment in the field and see how I get on... I can always default to the thermarest pump if need be...

    Thanks again. It's nice to be here :)

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    ...another welcome :) and it sounds like you landed well .... inflated ;)
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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. :)
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