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    Hello all.

    My name is Rob, I am based in Dagenham and work in London, though I am a Bristol native. In my spare time I like to go for Long Distance walks.

    This year I completed a 160ish mile walk from the "end" of South West Coastal Path from Poole to Dartmouth and A 39 mile day walk taking up over half of the new Somerset coastal path. I have also completed some mini walks.

    On my the multi day hikes I carry all of my own camping equipment. I do not take a stove with me and take very little food and water. Being on the coast generally means you are only a few hours away from Civilization.

    I usually travel with very cheap gear, though I have slowly been upgrading it as and when. At the moment the stitching on my Highlander 66L bag is going, its just over 1.5 kg so looking to replace with something much lighter. My current pack weight loaded is a little over 7KG. Fairly light, but as I do 20/25 miles a day on quite rocky coastal terrain, it does get a bit frustrating after a few days!

    My tent is a one person Coleman Rigel X1.

    I have really awkward feet, Size 12, but triangular shaped, My small toes like to go underneath the next toe along and create hard sharp blisters after just a few hours. I use sets of Injinji toed socks to combat this which has helped immensely, but it has made my toe box even wider to accommodate the socks.

    So at the moment I am after a new lightweight rucksack. However I need to spend some vouchers I had accumulated for Cotswold Outdoors, which limits my choices somewhat. I am 6ft 3 and I really prefer to shift weight to my hips.

    I am also after eventual replacement for my Trail Runners (Which I use instead of Hiking boots). I currently use New Balance 610V5's size 12.5 UK with 2E width. My first pair are practically destroyed and my second pair on their way. I haven't been able to find anything else that can accommodate my silly shaped feet. If anyone can help me on 2E/4E wide replacements then I would appreciate it!

    I am hoping to complete the Somerset coastal path over Christmas.
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    Welcome to the forum Rob
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    Hello and welcome. :)
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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. :)
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    Hey, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello Rob and welcome to the forum :)
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    Hello and Welcome from Essex too :thumbsup:

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