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  1. We are a young couple who love hiking, trekking and camping and who dedicates themselves to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. We have our blog and Youtube channel where everything is related to hiking and backpacking. Our goal is to promote the healthy lifestyle, to motivate people to walk more and care for nature around. Currently we hiked in Pyrenees, Alps(Tour du Mont Blanc), Dolomites and have done Camino de Santiago and part of Via Francigena. We came to this forum in the search for more valuable information and resources about different gear as well as hiking destinations in Europe and the world. Also we would love to share some of our trip reports and our own experience with gear. Hope we can become friends here:)
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    Hello and welcome.
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    Hello to you both and welcome to the forum :)
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    Bienvenue du Gers, France Sudouest
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    Welcome to you both
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  7. Thank you for your warm welcome, everybody, nice to meet you:)
  8. Foxster

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    Was just checking out your website and watched the Tips and Tricks video. I like your philosophy and it looks like you covered quite a few km and had a great time doing it.

    From the gear you have, I can see why you are now interested in UL stuff because you must have been carrying quite a bit of weight. I imagine though that's what you could afford and there's nothing wrong with it as you managed to get the kms in and enjoyed yourselves.

    You'll likely know that the really UL gear is very expensive and you'll have to make some compromises. So check out used gear for sale here, on eBay and also you'll find some cheap copies and decent originals on AliExpress.
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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. :)
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  10. Thank you, glad that we find here the like-minded people:) Yes, we were starting out with quite a heavy weight gear bought from Decathlon which we still partly use and carry with us.

    We've been trying to go more ultralight lately taking little steps and changing one piece of gear at a time. But we don't want to go mad with it, we just want to have decent quality products that don't over exaggerated weight. There is so many options right now on the market that it is easy to get lost but we are trying to figure it our for us and make the best compromise at least for now. What brands do you mean when saying about originals and cheap copies on Aliexpress?
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    Glad to see you made it over from White Blaze...caters a little more specifically to Europe than WB does so hope you find it helpful. Welcome
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    For a lot of popular items that are quite expensive you will find a similar design for a lot less on AliExpress.

    For instance, you will find stoves similar to MSR's Pocket Rocket stoves and tents that appear visibly quite similar to many of the most popular US/European tents.

    You have to accept some risks with this though: The quality may not be quite as good, the weight may be a bit heavier, delivery times will be long and, particularly, after-sales service may be poor or non-existent. However, if it means paying, say, £150 rather £550 for a tent then it can be worth it.

    Quality has generally improved over the last few years. At one time the Chinese copies were very poor but now can be as good as the originals. Perhaps because they are both made in China from the same materials and, in some cases, perhaps even in the same workshops.
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    Hello and Welcome along :)
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