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Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by ozzy1977, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. ozzy1977

    ozzy1977 Summit Camper

    Hi my name is Chris from Suffolk, I have a problem, I cant seem to stop buying camping gear, Can anyone help ?;)
  2. happycamper

    happycamper Trail Blazer

    You are in the wrong place for help with that problem but welcome to the forum anyway :)
  3. Kit McCallion

    Kit McCallion Trail Blazer

    Hello Chris, nice to see you over here.
  4. Limbo57

    Limbo57 Trail Blazer

    I think we should set up a 12 steps programme!!! Shewie can speak first .......

    Welcome Ozzy
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  5. Jacko1066

    Jacko1066 Ultralighter

    Welcome ozzy :)
  6. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Chris

    Good to have you here mate
  7. ozzy1977

    ozzy1977 Summit Camper

    Many thanks peeps
  8. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. :)
  9. Ambowill

    Ambowill Trekker

    Hi Chris :)
  10. Granite Head

    Granite Head Trekker

  11. ozzy1977

    ozzy1977 Summit Camper

    Hello and welcome :)

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