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  1. Munro277

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    hi been doing this quite a while now,live 17 mile from coniston,so most stuff i do is in the lakes,but helping a mate out with his munro campagain so get a few trips norther,did tgo this yr but dont think ill bother again for another 5-6 yrs...out most wknds and look to camp 2wknds a mth ..finished munros last yr after a 20 odd yr campagain.been shown social hiking a few yrs back so all my walks are up on there..im munro277 on there and twitter.
  2. paul

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    Welcome mate

    There are way too many peope on here who live in great locations. I think you should all have to spend a year in Coventry to appreciate how lucky you are :D
  3. Munro277

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    According to the papers "Barrow in furness" is one of the worse places to ive ????? beaches on 3 sides lake distict ont other...and only one road in :)
  4. edh

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    Coventry? That's harsh. But probably fair.

    I won't welcome you - you're too happy as it is :rolleyes:
  5. rorymax

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    Good to have you here, welcome.

  6. Munro277

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  7. el manana

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    Barrows great, I bet you spend every weekend at the zoo...:)

    Welcome BTW...
  8. Lady Grey

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    And even an old fashioned camp site costing £2 a night; just beside the "beach".
  9. Shewie

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    Welcome to the forum Peter

    Serenity posted this morning BTW :)
  10. Tartanferret

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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  11. 7wave

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  12. Lady Grey

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    Hi from the other end of Cumbria.

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