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    Hi All

    Found the site recently and very impressed. A little about me: I've been climbing and walking for a few decades. Mostly climbing when I was younger, but always enjoyed walking. Did a bit of backpacking in my teens and have been converting to more lightweight gear recently. Walk mainly in the Lakes and Scotland when I can. I have a week long trip to Norway coming up in a few weeks so hoping the good weather holds for that.

    Recognise a few people on here from YouTube and look forward to learning about your adventures.


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  3. Diddi

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    Welcome MM :)
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    Hi MM, and welcome to the forum. :)
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    Welcome to the forum Dave
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    Hello Dave and welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome along :)
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  8. Mountain Mackem

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    Thanks for the warm welcome. :thumbsup:
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    Hello Dave.
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