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    Having lurked reading back over the forum for a while I felt it time to say hello.

    I'm a walker of short hikes, preferably good weather, near home, and not too challenging.

    Yet recently I've felt the perverse urge to venture a bit further and now, at last, have the time and freedom to live life for the thrills.

    In preparation I have cobbled together the kit to enable me to wild camp overnight. Mostly from what was already lying about in the loft from long ago. Back, way back, I did do some trips further afield and there was also gear that once belonged to other family members.

    Reading through the forum has been a great help. Many thanks to all who have shared so much good information. No doubt with time I will be able to put it to further use when I gradually upgrade to modern gear. For a while though I'll be more of a retro wild camper/walker.

    One big exception, my sleeping mat. I've splashed out and bought one. What I had that was warm and comfy proved just too bulky. Also a few odds and ends. Things like a spork.

    Having spent the odd night testing gear on local hills I've got a two day hike/camp a little further afield all planned and will be heading out just as soon as the weather improves.

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    Hello Michael and welcome aboard :)
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    Hi and welcome :)
  5. Henry

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    Hello Michael! Where are you heading?
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    Hi, The route I eventually walk will depend a lot on the weather and conditions when I get there but I'm thinking of heading out to the Ogwen valley in North Wales.

    Granite will make a nice change from my local heather infested millstone grit and limestone.

    There look to be plenty of choices for fun walking. I see the NT even have a suggested route so I know where to avoid. Mostly I'm planning to make it up as I go along avoiding anything too steep as far as humanly possible. Car parking mid week should be OK in a lay-by, and I've researched several potential spots to pause overnight so that I can get in a leisurely stroll around Llyn whichever without trying to sandwich it between two long drives on the same day.

    Given the views I'm going to hang fire until there is hopefully a bit less mist, fog, cloud and rain. The weather forecast suggests that may be the case for a few hours at some point early next week.

    Then again it might snow.
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  9. Jim_Parkin

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    "local heather infested milstone grit and limestone".

    I guess you're fairly close to me then - I'm in the High Peak
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    Welcome to the forum Michael :)
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    Nowt wrong with cobbled together kit. One of the great things about it, is the fact you can start off on the cheap, and if you get into it - develop your kit over time to suit you and your budget. Part of the fun of it!

    Enjoy your travels. Its not all that long ago that a copy of Trail got me back into adventures. And North Wales is a grand place. My Avatar is a pic taken on the Glyders.
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    Probably not difficult to guess where mine was taken...

    Actually, I think Taz might have been there that walk
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    Welcome aboard
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    Welcome most of us started vwry little gear. I’m sure we will all show you how to spend lots of money on new gear :)
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    Worked with me :rolleyes:
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    Aye - if I scroll back through mine that day, there will be the obligatory pic. Nice walk that. Did the route from Capel Curig, over the Glyders and then down Devils Kitchen to Llyn Idwal and Ogwen. Bus back to Capel.

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