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    Heya, checking in here

    As in finally making an account.:)
    Bram from Belgium. 32 years young and since a year or 3 into hiking.

    Back in Europe since 3 weeks.
    Was in new Zealand before for 15 months, TA + lots of more tramping.

    On my way back was gonna stay 5months in Nepal.
    After 2months there I get WiFi on one day, while walking from Jiri to lukla to start 3 passes and apparently I have to leave country cuz of shutdown.
    guess I'll have to go back to Nepal one day;)
    Had a taste of it with 22 days loop.Annapurna circuit , A base camp and Mardi himal to Pokhara walk

    Guess I'll have to pause via dinarica and hrp plans for the summer also....

    Staying safe is more important now.

    So yeah time to read more into gear.
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    Welcome to the forum boinius :)
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    Hi boinius :)
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