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Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by boogiepanda, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. boogiepanda

    boogiepanda Summit Camper

    Hey everyone.

    I'm currently working on trimming down my baseweight to more lightweight and tending to ultralight levels with the addition of camera gear. Came across this forum (which thankfully is UK based) after google searches for reviews on AliExpress gear. Being a recent university graduate and money being tight I've ordered/in the process of ordering a few items of AliExpress and will be posting reviews if you're interested.

    My current set up is https://lighterpack.com/r/o0lrj and will be looking to upgrade a few things to get my weight down to 9kg
  2. Gadget

    Gadget Thru Hiker

    It's a slippery slope, but enjoy the ride!
    Greetings from North Devon.
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  3. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

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  4. Nigellionheart

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    Greetings from Wiltshire
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  5. Chris2901

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    Hey @boogiepanda ,welcome to the forum.Seems pretty easy to reduce your BW for at least 3 kgs !:thumbsup:
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