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    Hi I found this place through r/ultralight and because our weather is kinda different to California am excited to find other Brits to talk gear and skills with :)
    I've lurked for a few days and found many answers to questions, it also looks like a great community.
    Me and my partner are both avid walkers who are taking our first backpacking trip on the Arran coastal walk this summer.
    Anyway pleased to meet you all :D

    Edit #: YAY!! I just earned a trophy :D
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    Hey, welcome to the forum :)
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    Hello and welcome. :)
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    Welcome to the liteside
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    Welcome to the forum Siyke :smile:
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    Hi and welcome aboard :)
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    Welcome to the madhouse. Lock up your wallet, this place will cost you money ;)
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Hi and welcome
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