Hi from Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by Requiem, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Requiem

    Requiem Day Walker

    Hi all,

    My name's Roy - I've been walking since I was a kid and Wild Camping in many places mainly Peak District, Lake District and north Wales - Thought I'd join here so I can have a look see what other people are up to and see if I can improve my kit any further (spending close to nowt!!)

    I use reasonably low weight kit traded-off against comfort / foibles such as a candle lantern, a Wild Country tent rather than owt lighter and a heavyish sleeping bag because I'm 'nesh'

    Next camp for me is probably end of April up on Kinder Scout to try and maybe catch the tail-end of the meteor shower but I'm usually out and about somewhere on days off

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  2. HillBelly

    HillBelly Ultralighter

    Hi from an ex resident. Often I would park at the station and head out all directions with my pack. Nowt wrong with Wild Country tents. I've not gone lighter than my trusty Vango Apex. Enjoy picking up tips and advice here.
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  3. fluffkitten

    fluffkitten Moderator Staff Member

    Hello. :)
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  4. Bopdude

    Bopdude Section Hiker

    Hi and welcome aboard :)
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  5. Jon jons

    Jon jons Ultralighter

    Hi to Chesterfield from Chester, it seems only a field separates us:thumbsup:
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  6. Michael_x

    Michael_x Ultralighter

    Hi :)
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  7. Rmr

    Rmr Ultralighter

    Welcome to the forum, you'll learn a lot, I have.
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  8. Diddi

    Diddi Thru Hiker

    Hi :thumbsup:
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  9. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

    Hi Roy and welcome to the forum :)
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  10. Shewie

    Shewie Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum Roy
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  11. Jim_Parkin

    Jim_Parkin Trail Blazer

    Hello from Chapel (about 3-years after the last time we met)
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