Hi from nearly independent Scotland!

Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by nic a char, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. nic a char

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    nic a char here - DIY, walk, run, cycle, kayak, gather, catch, bivi, survive - lookin for tips, ideas, craic
  2. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker


    Where in this great northern land do you stay ? There is a small 'north of the border' contingent on here :).
  3. ADz

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    Welcome to TL bud :)
  4. Shewie

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    Welcome to the forum nic a char
  5. EM - Ross

    EM - Ross Thru Hiker

    Welcome! Democracy sucks.
  6. nic a char

    nic a char Trail Blazer

    Thanks cathyjc! Fife, tho my heart's in the highlands...
  7. nic a char

    nic a char Trail Blazer

    Thanks for all the welcomes! Enjoying the great info here already:)
  8. jinch

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    Hi nic a char -

    Welcome to the forum. I'm born and bred North East (England) but I've always felt much more affinity with Scotland for some reason. My Grandmother's surname was Cameron and she always reckoned her family originated from Scotland (maybe around Fort William) so perhaps there's Highland blood in me after all. Off to Skye in four weeks and can't wait.

    Anyway, that's not remotely interesting - suffice to say, welcome aboard.
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  9. nic a char

    nic a char Trail Blazer

    Well that IS interesting IMHO - some of my ancestors are from around Rannoch, some from Oz, & I reckon tinker/swag blood explains my interest in light travel, living lightly, self-sufficiency and bushcraft. Enjoy Skye jinch - it's AMAZING in all weathers.
  10. jinch

    jinch Ultralighter

    Rannoch as in the moor? The dog leg road onto the moor from the south, on the way to Glencoe, is where my heartbeat doubles with excitement. I adore that area.

    Been to Skye a few times (and in all weathers) so know what to expect. Had a weekend at the JMC hut at Coruisk once which still ranks as one of the best weekends ever: loads of mates, loads of walking, bristine blue skies and turquoise sea and sand near the hut. Marvellous.
  11. nic a char

    nic a char Trail Blazer

    Aye, the Rannoch Station end. Loch Ba is full of wild brown trout & it's FREE fishing btw...
    More controlled on Skye, but I can's see anyone grudging you breakfast from a corrie loch - in season natch (15 March - end September)
  12. 7wave

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