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    HI my names is Pete, just returning to walking/backpacking after a long illness. Started walking/backpacking at around 18 and now 50. have walked and camped in a few different country's over the years with Canada and the old Yugoslavia among my fav places. now will be building up to a few LDP in the UK to regain fitness and knee strength. (damaged left knee :( ). Use to be a very keen mountain bike rider in the late 80s 90's, gave up due to injury.
    hope that's an ok intro
    PS enjoy making stuff ...
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  2. Teepee

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    Hi Pete. :)

    Welcome to the forum.

    Great name, previous hobby and present interests, IMHO. :biggrin:
  3. Shewie

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    Welcome to the forum Pete :)
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Hi Pete and welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome from I too :)
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    Hi and welcome Pete, a few other "older" MTBers here as well
  10. Goosegog

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    Thanks for the nice reception .. :)

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