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  1. Lempo

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    Hi all,

    My name is Joe and moved back to UK from NZ earlier this year. In NZ I got back to walking which is used to do as when I was a young man in Finland. I used to be a boy scout & a certified trek guide, but all that withered away after I finished military service and moved to a city.

    In NZ we did the Routeburn track, Milfold track, Abel Tasman track and lots of day walks. We tried to do the Te Paki Coastal way, but had to drop out halfway due to heatwave. Our old 3kg Marmor Limelight 3p tent didn't help either. Before doing any of the walks, I discovered UL hiking and tried to implement as much of those principals since it makes walking much more enjoyable and possible for a fat, old bloke like me.

    Now that we're back in UK, we're hoping to do some longer walks next year.
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    welcome to the group
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    Hello and welcome
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    Welcome to the forum Joe
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    Welcome to the forum Joe :)
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    Hi Joe, welcome from a fellow newbie
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    Hello. :)
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    Hi :)
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    Eyup :thumbsup: welcome t'forum
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    Hello Joe and welcome to the forum :)
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    Welcome, Joe :thumbsup:
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