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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Lempo, Oct 28, 2020.

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    All of those stoves look the same as others on the market, so I'm guessing they are rebranded for Eifel and Chinese-made.
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    Rebadged Fire Maple products, as sold by umpteen other brands like Alpkit, Vango, Robens, HiGear, Etc
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  5. Lempo

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    New windshields

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  6. Mole

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    Wow. Just looked at their pricing.
    Same stove ( Fire Maple: fms-300-t)

    Alpkit Kraku £27.99
    Eifel Lithium £44.00.

    Alpkit probably get a better price off Fire Maple due to quantity, but even so. That's a big markup?

    Though, ULOG were selling it at an even higher price! Not even rebadged.

    Just shows. Don't do the research, and you may well pay an unnecessarily high price.

    I don't mind paying a little more to a smaller independent, but it's got to be within reason, or because it's a bricks n mortar shop.
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  7. Padstowe

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    Am not a big gas stove user but isn't it a little big & heavy for a canister top stove with 2500W output?
  8. Foxster

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    There's been a few reviews of the Firestick stove now and none of them really rate it highly.

    It's on the heavy side, though there is a titanium version that's a bit lighter. The serrated pot support tops have a lip around so that the serrations don't actually contact the pot and so the pot is slidey. The wide pot supports are supposed to work as windbreaks but they don't. It's an awkward shape for fitting in small pots. It can be tricky to light, with the included separate piezo lighter not being great and is something to lose - as is the the cap that holds the legs together when packed. Its expensive.

    I'd say it's really designed to work with one of Primus' heat exchanger pots. With one of those, the boil times drop a lot and the wind resistance increases a lot, with the pot being much more stable.

    Having said that, it's a bold new design, which is good. Just need to wait for the mk2.
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  9. Padstowe

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    Seen that on a review on youtube, the boil times he got of 1L in around 3.5mins (which is the primus quoted time for a 1L boil) was in room temp of 20 (If I remember right) with water at room temp too with a heat exchanger pot as it held the flame on the base of the pot & wasn't licking up the sides of the pot & away with stove turned up as it was with his other pot which was over 4.5mins on 1L boil times at same temp. Whoever thought them pot supports would be an efficient wind break of any sort is playing a blinder :D
  10. Lempo

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  11. Nigelp

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    That’s a bit of a faff. Don’t fancy that in the depths of winter when you want a brew!
  12. Padstowe

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    would you be using a canister top stove in the depths of winter?
  13. Nigelp

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    No probably not quite the depths of winter but it’s still a lot of faff for little gain.

    I use a windshield made from silver foil and usually in the tent or shelter porch out the wind anyway.
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  14. WilliamC

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    Something I hadn't come across before - Vesuv titanium windscreen/pot support for Evernew 900ml and 1.3L pots. In the photos, the look less conical than the TD Caldera so perhaps they're not abusing Captain Paranoia's code. I've no idea if they're infringing TD's patent but if for some reason you can't buy from the U.S., they give you an option.
    They are matched to the Evernew stove so you may need to do some adapting based on your stove of choice.
  15. Robert P

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    Interesting closure for these windscreens

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