Inov8 G 370 mids

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Robin, Oct 21, 2019.

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    I have the Roclite 325. Goretex membrane. It gave up after about a year but not a critical issue for me. I'm sceptical about claims re waterproofness of footwear - at least in terms of how long that will last. And then there's the well rehearsed debate about the value of allegedly waterproof shoes or boots. You can probably guess which side of that I subscribe to :D
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    My 320s lasted about 3 hours before they leaked. I think the water pools between the outer fabric and the gtx membrane. Shame because they are really comfortable. I’ve had several pairs of Salomon X Ultra GTX mids, none of them leaked. In fact I was amazed at how good they were/are. I suspect membranes get clogged with sweat after a while affecting their effectiveness.
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    I have a pair of Quest 4Ds in which the GTX has started to leak. The problem with this is when your feet heat up and start to boil, not quite literally. At the end of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks a couple of weeks ago the bottom of my feet had gone white and prune like.
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    Sportsshoes normally have a sale after Christmas. If these are half price, I might get a pair as an experiment.
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    I wouldn't hold your breath for half price... I grabbed em at £97.81- £1 using sportsshoes price match...
    Expect an initial review and slagging (once I've heard back from Inov-8) IMG_20191213_145211.jpg
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