Merrell Moabs, or other mesh footwear

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Patrick, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Patrick

    Patrick Trail Blazer

    Anyone wear these? The non-waterproof versions? Having had another pair of supposedly waterproof boots begin to leak I'm wondering if I should abandon waterproofing and embrace the wet feet philosophy that I'm aware many seem to like with trail runners. Can't decide if I should splash out straight away on a pair of Innov-8 somethings, or whether something like the Moab would be a good halfway house - and rather cheaper if I end up less than impressed with the idea. On the other hand, I don't want to get something that both lets in water and doesn't dry quickly, and thus have the worst of both worlds. Any thoughts? [I walk largely in Scotland, if that influences your answer!]
  2. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    I use the Moabs BUT generally not in Scotland, IME they take too long to dry out.
    I've found them good for the drier conditions in the Pyrenees though & tougher than a lot of others when experiencing tallus.
  3. Cali

    Cali Backpacker

    I'm in Southern California, so different priorities. I have used both Moab regular and waterproof. For a regular low mesh hiker my preference is the Oboz Sawtooth. More comfortable on me and breathable. That said, most of my hiking is done in trail runners (Asics Venture or Scram). Recently got them wet crossing streams, but dry out pretty quick in warm dry conditions.

    Also have a pair of LL Bean North Peak Waterproof Trail shoes. Hybrid between a hiker and trail runner. I wear these mostly in rainy cooler weather. Comfortable and more cushioned/protective than the trail runners. Have not had any issues with leakage so far.
  4. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    What size do you wear in Inov8 roclites ?
    I've a new pair of these, size 10 -
    I wear 6's and they are my very favourite boots :inlove:.
    When the GTX goes I 'Sno-Seal' the leather - restores the waterproofness and they can go on until the tread is flat - as long as they are treated regularly. :).

    I could be persuaded to sell them for suitable amount of £££'s
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  5. Patrick

    Patrick Trail Blazer

    Thanks for the offer, Cathy. I think I will probably give something mesh a try this summer, though. I also have tiny feet, for a bloke, so your suggestion is unfortunately about three sizes too large for me! Cheers, though.
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  6. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    I picked up some Adidas Terrex AX3's from Sportshoes cheap in a small size (6.5), I've had them out & abound the 'gorms a few time & I'm pretty happy with them.
  7. Gobila

    Gobila Backpacker

    I used Merrell Moabs for a while as cheap pair to try out the wet foot mesh shoe thing when I was looking in to options beyond traditional boots. I absolutely hated the Moabs (YMMV): they have a really big drop from heel to forefoot which made me walk very heavily on the ball of my foot to the extent that my foot was purple and bruised after a 4 day trip. They are also heavy and stayed wet for ages and got really smelly in no time at all. I wouldn't recommend in a wet climate or unless you are someone who heavily places their heel first when walking.

    Lately I've been using Altra Lone Peaks: they're ok, really like the fit etc but not sure I would buy again as they seem to be on their last legs after only 250-300 miles. I've been liking the look of the Topo Outdoor MTN Racers for my next pair.

    SportsDirect normally have Salomon shoes pretty cheap: might be a good place to go and have a look for something reasonable if you're not sure you want to make the leap to something more expensive?

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