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Discussion in 'Intros & Welcomes' started by DuneElliot, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. RoughHiker

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    So?Why does that matter?
    Nobody stops you from going out to hike,wether you are woman or non-white.People think that in every activity there must be equal representation of population groups or something?
    Why insert identity in a hobby?
    Its just walking.If you want you go out,if you dont and stay inside its fine as well.
    Are you concerned about lack of white people in other activities?
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  2. Clare

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    Haha. I'm interesting for a week and then I'm really boring. Actually, for me, it's more about not sharing experiences for an extended time rather than becoming bored with myself. But this yet more thread drift, about long solo walks.
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    Discussing problems , and then addressing them, is usually a good way of addressing them - and then being inspired by others who have done it stuff, helps for sure :)

    Some people will deny there is a problem to fix altogether tho -something along the lines of " Well it isnt a problem to me - it falls outside of my lived experience - so why should i bother to address it?"

    You end up getting quite a lot of this - :yawn: but no matter - plough on regardless - it might help somebody - and after all no one is obliged to read this stuff.. ;)
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  4. edh

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    Your Winds trips look great - brought back a few memories (did the High Route a few years ago); having spent quite a bit of time in the Sierra I must say that I was really impressed by the Winds - wild and pretty empty (the Cirque notwithstanding).

    BUT, I though the burgers in Pinedale were disappointing...but then we had ours before our trip, not after...

    I'd like to get back there, and do a mix of on and off trail.
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  5. Fair Weather Camper

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    Err yes I am, people are held back from doing things for all kinds of reasons, its easy to say - just go out and do it - get over yourself - but some people do have greater limitations placed on them than others - to deny that is to deny reality...
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  6. RoughHiker

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    No they do not.The only limitation is themselves.There is no law saying you "should not hike alone if you are a woman".
    Different people have different preferences.The fact that there are fewer women hiking,maybe because women do not like it that much.
    What society "might think" about some activities,should in no way influence you personal individual choices.I encourage all women and men to go their own way,as long as they dont break any laws.
  7. Fair Weather Camper

    Fair Weather Camper Thru Hiker

    Where did i imply that there was a 'law' stating such? - Limitations, particularly psychological one, are a little more complex and nuanced than that, some are imposed by others, or implied. Some are actual physical or financial limitations.

    its laughable to suggest that people are not heavily influenced by "What people think" examine your own choices - are they always freely, and objectively made?
    Or do some of them come down to cultural conditioning?

    Anyhow, lovely as it is to chat @RoughHiker , we are clogging up Dunes thread - what will she think of us? - Back to The Wind Rivers - lucky woman :)
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  9. cathyjc

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    The prime age for hiking is 18-35 !! ……. and that's just when women have to fit in child bearing and rearing, if they want to reproduce - and most still seem to want to.
    Women either have to fit a long distance hike into the years before kids or wait until they are "past that" . Not surprising the % females on the trails are low.

  10. Balagan

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    That would be prime "thru-hiking the PCT" age. Actual hiking by normal people which is mostly day hiking is overwhelmingly dominated by senior citizens with a majority of women. At least in France it is.
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  11. cathyjc

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    Hiking alone in places like UK, US OZ and NZ is relatively safe for solo women.
    BUT other countries are just plain unsafe unless you have a male to act as 'chaperone'.
    I travelled thru' the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan etc. - there wasn't a country I passed thru' where I wasn't sexually harrassed and threatened because I was a woman.
    That was back in the mid 1980's - I would imagine it's a load worse now.

    Many western women are still in the mindset of feeling 'threatened'. If they are attacked by a man they are in a poor position, as they are likely to be smaller, weaker and slower. I wish it was different.

    There's a new face book group for Scottish women hikers - it's growing 'like topsy' ….. women looking for others to go out hiking. I sense very much they want to hike in a group, tho' some go out solo too. Hopefully the walking in groups will, in time, give some the courage and skills to go-it-alone.
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  12. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Here in UK - Yes - lots of senior folks out day walking, but IMHE a lot more men than women.
  13. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Women on Trek-lite ??

    Generality here - I think guys are more 'gear driven' than females and the site is very gear focussed. Not a criticism - just is. I'm OK with that :thumbsup:.

    NB. lots more imput from the female members on a topic not to do with gear - like this one :D
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  15. Chiseller

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    My apologies, viewed on my phone after a few long days in Europe and a few scoops Inn the pub. I should have clicked on your profile and I would have seen your not a fella...
  16. Baldy

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    You're a woman? well I wished you'd said something at the time I would have helped you with the washing up.

    :asshat::DHi Cathy:thumbsup:
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  17. cathyjc

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  18. DuneElliot

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    Hey I'm all for having this discussion. I don't have ton of input on it as I've never really seen myself as being unable to do something men could do or that it was any more dangerous (in western countries anyway). Maybe it was that I left home at 18, with one bag of clothes and $70 in my pocket, got on a plane and moved to the a state I didn't know anyone. And I made it work. And maybe because of that I've never seen the "danger" in anything I've done and I've never been conditioned to think otherwise (or at least I didn't hear it). My first response to anyone who says "You can't..." is to ask why? They never have a substantial answer that they can back up with logic.

    When I write I don't think there's any need to dedicate an article to why I hike as a solo woman although I do see the benefits on some of those articles as they appeal to women who have been conditioned to think they can't. I'd rather just write about the amazing places I visit.

    I like gear (although had to sell a bunch with the pending move) but I hope my experiences of getting into some wild places will inspire more and I can help other women get into this fabulous hobby.

    Burgers AFTER the hike is always better. I had actually stopped at the brewery three weeks before the hike for a burger so I knew they were good was the beer.

    The Cirque, for us, was pretty empty. We had one HR hiker hike up with us to the top of Jackass Pass, and then could see a couple of other tents in the Cirque itself. But since we were going to Lizard Head Pass, and everyone else was not, we had the Cirque mostly to ourselves. There are benefits to doing any popular hike mid week and after Labor Day.
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  19. SafetyThird

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    Welcome to the forum. What part of the UK are you moving back to?
  20. Ken T.

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    Welcome. It’s a great group here. Much different experience than that Whiteblaze thing. Can’t fault you for leaving the US.
  21. DuneElliot

    DuneElliot Section Hiker

    The E/W Sussex area as my mom lives there. I am planning on going back to school so not sure where I'll eventually end up

    I love the US and am going to miss the epic backcountry hiking opportunities, amoung other things (like my firearms :( ) The only reason I'm really moving back is to spend time with family as we all get older, and that in turn will give me a chance to explore more of Europe
  22. cathyjc

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    Hi, and welcome. Good move to join Trek-lite.
    Hiking in UK 'could' be somewhat different to US - we'll all be falling over each other to help if you've got any questions. :D
  23. SafetyThird

    SafetyThird Section Hiker

    You don't have to give up firearms if you have a suitable reason to own them. There's plenty of opportunities over here for hunting as we have an excess of deer around the UK that requires culling and control and plenty of other things like pigeon shooting for crop protection etc and there's many hunting opportunities across Europe that you can take part in. We also have target shooting clubs all over the place from smallbore out to serious long range work and calibres up to 50cal. It's not as easily available as over in the US but it's there if you wish to take part.
  24. DuneElliot

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    Good to know. I knew it was possible but I didn't know the extent. I will definitely look into it. I'm not a super avid hunter but I do like game bird and venison!
  25. Enzo

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    Sussex ain't so bad :)
    From my own perspective its easy to dismiss people who get offended, or complain about social pressure. But I think that has a lot to do with being a bloke in his 40s in a stable relationship, with kids and owning my own house. Other groups are clearly more susceptible to others opinions.
    On the other hand, I can't dismiss @RoughHiker opinion that some demographics can just have less interest in some subjects.
    Having a very male brain I'm on a few forums for my other hobbies, and some have zero women on, who knew women weren't fascinated by transmitter valve audio amplifiers? Astroimaging started to have a few. building nitrous specific race engines, non last I looked. I'm not sure there is anything wrong with that as long as its not because groups are being excluded.
    Re the outdoors I'm sure aspirational types are a better driver of change than discussion about privilege which to me often looks like a cul de sac.
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