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    All of the met men at Halley were electronics engineers. As they said, it was a lot easier to train electronics engineers to take meteorological readings than it was to teach meteorologists electronic engineering.
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  3. cathyjc

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    This was 1979 - not sure females got to go then at all ? I was a research scientist - biological
    sciences Not that I would have been selected anyhoos- annoying not to even get a chance
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    Far too professional and sensible for my liking :)
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    Haha :D there comes a time in everyone’s life when it happens... I just wish it hadn’t happened to me :D
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    Had the same thing, BAS came to our Geology Dept on a recruitment drive, gave an excellent talk, asked anyone interested to come to the front and leave details, but no females. The reason they gave was all the guides were ex-marines and you might have to share a tent if the weather got bad and you got stuck out in the field - really?!. I'm pleased to say that some years later, one of my class mates did eventually get out there after finishing her PhD in Geophysics.
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    As an ex-marine who was involved in the recovery of the BAS team in the South Atlantic and an ex Arctic Survival Instructor I can confirm that these situations do arise. Good to see our efforts appreciated @Heltrekker.
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  8. cathyjc

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    Yes, but sharing a tent shouldn’t be a problem as undressing in such circumstances won’t happen and I’d expect both parties to “behave”

    I understood the problem was to do with providing female loos and showers at base ?
  9. Heltrekker

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    I'm sure I would have heartily appreciated being rescued, what peed me off at the time was the blatant insinuation that us voluptuous young girly geology undergrads wouldn't be able to keep our sex starved hands off you studly handsome forces types (who incidentally do a fine job keeping the rock knockers out of trouble, by all accounts). Definitely no danger of guides being molested, as my family will testify having seen the zombie like Homer Simpson state I slip into when confronted by a ripe and juicy granite
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