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  1. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    Hey folks.
    To accompany and carry my MYOG Solplex dcf clone.
    I am also building a pack.
    My current pack is a Wisport Racoon 85 and weighs in at a whopping 3.8kgs.
    So far I have made a prototype and think I have solved the issues I had with the design.
    I'm currently waiting for my stretchy mesh for the pockets to arrive.
    But most of the updated pattern is cut and waiting to be sewn.

    It's made of vx15 in atacs camo with a bottom of hi vis yellow vx21

    Yes I'm one of those weirdos who mixes hi vis with camo. I also wear kilts and vibrams toe shoes......

    Pockets will be stretch mesh (just plain mesh in the prototype pics)
    Roll top closure with side clips.
    The straps were my main problem and you will see in the pics that they are far too wide and didn't sit right on me.
    The back is made from 5mm 3d mesh with a pocket to fit my exped foam sit mat as support. Straps and waist belt are all 5mm 3d mesh with 5mm Eva foam inserts.

    Just need to figure out a way to thread my drinking tube through without leaving a gaping hole on the back.
    And also work out how to make the hip belt pockets as part of the belt like the pics.


    Yes I know its massive.
    I have taken a few Inches off each side and the front/back to make it a little smaller.
    I'm hoping it's will end up about 50L to allow me to carry all my winter kit.
    30" tall.
    8" deep.
  2. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    Actually did the calculations and it works out to 62L for the main chamber alone.
    Dropping the size down to
    13" x 8" x 30".
    Give me around 51L
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  3. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

    I've no experience in doing packs, but I've experience in doing clothing. If you'd like a patterning tip of how to shape the shoulder straps so that are more contoured to your shoulder shape, just post a photo of your shoulder strap pattern and I'll show how to amend it.
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  4. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    Here is my strap pattern.

    Any design changes would be appreciated.
    It's 3.5" wide on this new pattern.
    It was 4.5" on the old one so I dropped an inch.
  5. Dave V

    Dave V Moderator Staff Member

    The new strap patten looks good. Can I ask how tall you are and how long your back panel is from the base of the bag to the seam where your straps are attached?
  6. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

    So way to take off the extra bulge on the later side of the strap, so that it's more contoured to your body shape is take the extra length off the bulging side. This can be done as follows.

    1. Look at the peak of the bulge, and then pinch it a bit to see how much extra there is. I don't know how feasible this technique is on shoulder straps, but it works with clothing. When you have a rough estimate, say 1/2", do the following.

    2. Mark the peak of the bulge on the pattern, that'll be your centre point. On the medial side, mark that as the starting point and draw to lines as shown below. The distance between the two lines is the the amount you want to shorten the lateral (bulging) side of the strap.

    3. Cut both lines all the way through, so now you have 3 pieces of the pattern. Discard the little centre piece. Align the two other pieces' cut (red) lines and tape over the seam so that it again forms a single shoulder strap pattern. It will now look a bit more extremely curved, but when it's in 3d form on your shoulder, it should be more form fitting.

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  7. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    My back is 21" from neck to hips.

    The old straps bulged so much because I sew them on at an angle.
    This design is supposed to be sewn on flat.
    Now I know that and my correct back height I know to sew them in flat at about 18-19" up from the bottom.
    I will pin them first and test fit before sewing this time to make sure it sits correctly.

    More worried about sorting the hip belt pouches.
    My design uses velcro and bands to hold them on, but I would much prefer them to be sew direct to the belt as I will never take them off anyway.
  8. RE8ELD0G

    RE8ELD0G Backpacker

    Knocked up a couple of pouches.
    Small camo for my first aid kit.
    Hi vis yellow test pouch that my daughter has taken as her own and the large camo pouch was going to be one of my hip belt pouches but it's way way too big.
    So I'm gonna strip it back and downsize it.


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