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  1. cathyjc

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    The green cuben reinforcements are a remnant that was on sale at Extremtextile just when I needed some heavier weight cuben - hence the dodgy colour co-ordination. It's 49gm (2oz). - probably heavier than really necessary but it's used in such small quantities that doesn't matter.
  2. Mole

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    not that heavy. 49g/sq m is just less than1.2 oz/sq yard?
    (x0.85 to get the difference between a sq m and a sq yd, then / by 28 to convert g to oz)
  3. cathyjc

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    Mole - I was quoting 2oz 'off the top of my head' - I did do the calc. at one point but must have remembered it wrong :sorry:.
  4. Mole

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    just me being a number pedant ;)

    how did you find the shelter in real world use Cathy? I would imagine that if pitched a little higher offthe ground at front than your home photos, it is possible to get a really taut pitch as is?
  5. cathyjc

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    I've used it once only the big outdoors so far :oops: .

    Yes, I pitched it higher and the tautness was better at the front. The limit to how taut I can get it seems to lie in the pegging. The stress and tension on the pegs is very high. I was using 9" sorex and had to push them in until they were almost buried - to stop them just levering out. The soil wasn't particularly soft - 'average' I would say - a few stones but not an issue. If it had been soft sand don't think I could have got a taut pitch at all. Not sure I want to carry bigger pegs so bit flumoxed on that score. The upside is the 'non saggy' nature of cuben in the wet :D:D:D. Think I'm going to like it very much - even better with a dedicated inner - the Laser comp inner is a compromise.

    I was going to take it to the LD this week to meet up with Gixer - and show it off :cool:;) - but unfortunately, that hasn't worked out :(. My next trip is with my daughter so not sure when I will get to use it again :o o:.
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    I'd reluctantly test it for a few weeks in the US :angelic:
  7. cathyjc

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  8. edh

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    If it was not so heavy :angelic:
  9. cathyjc

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    Ahhhh, but there would be plenty of space for your rotundness :whistling::p
  10. edh

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    After 10 weeks I hope that will be reduced.....:D
  11. cathyjc

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    Meanwhile ?? :muted:
  12. edh

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    ...meanwhile already 9kgs down...meaning that I can take a 14Kg pack :p
  13. cathyjc

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    9kgs !! that suggests you must have been even more rotund than I had imagined :eek:.
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    Id put it back on. Bears respect size. Ive been prepping my body for decades for a bear encounter :D
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    Good point.

    Not trying to take too much off as I find it difficult to eat much at all at I can subsist on reserves (probably for about three years :angelic:)...
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  17. edh

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    In your case I'd employ a variation on Churchill's aphorism :whistling::D
  18. cathyjc

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    And like Churchill you do keep "buggering on".
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  20. Gazelle

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    When do these go on sale? :p
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  22. cathyjc

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    Well…….after some long term testing and prompted by questions at last w/e Kirk Fell meet.
    Here's what I now think :-

    I got the shape/design right :thumbsup:. I love the enormous porch plenty space to cook in. :smug:
    It's a bit flappy in wind - especially with door open, but seems no worse than a Duomid/Stratospire…..…if not as solid as @Teepee 's "green beauty" :).

    Size - a little wider from side to side would be nice.

    Vents. I wish I'd made them a bit bigger - 1" to 2" would about right. I like them on the sides - glad I did not put them on the zip seam, and it wouldn't work very well as that seam isn't 'flat'. I've had no rain ingress.

    Tie outs further up the seam does work to pitch in 'limpet mode'…..I've been glad of that several times.

    Zip flap - would leave off in retropspect. It doesn't stay put and Velcro bits are a waste of time.
    If it's raining - zip gets wet but it's going to run down zip, not drip into porch = not a problem.
    Leaving it off would save the bother of construction and some weight.

    Internal holding channels for inverted V poles. I've stopped doing inverted V poles - too much of a faff and I end up with a pole at the zip/entrance which is possibly more of a PITA than at the inner door. Would make a smaller, simpler cone inside.

    Although designed for a pole 125cm high I always need pole at least 130cm. Means cannot go higher with my BD carbon corks. My Locus gear CP3 carbons are better at 135cm. If it's windy I double pole these.

    Love the cuben fiber…….meant I didn't need to do catenary cut seams :whistling: and the lack of water retention, compared to silnylon.

    Hope this helps anyone else (@Rog Tallbloke ;)) planning a MYOG shelter of their own.

    PS. I've never yet used the loop on the top :rolleyes::oops::bag:.
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  23. theoctagon

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    Great update Cathy :thumbsup:

    What was the final weight of the shelter? How much weight do you reckon you'd save if you were to make a mkII leaving off the pole sleeves/zip flap etc?

    And more pics please :)
  24. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    Around 900gms with the current 3F inner and it's pegs, spare pegs, cuben patches and spare guy line…….I'm a "belts and braces" kinda person :D
    Weight I could save ….~ 50gm ?? - I could do lighterweight tie outs too. But I don't want to do a 'gixer' so maybe my bomber heavyweight version is best :smuggrin:.


    The TN Laser comp. inner is surprisingly competetive in weight @ 300gm - a bit saggy but good door zip. Maybe I should try it out again ?

    My own inner with cuben floor got made but I never finished the 'snagging', and it was going to come in around 400g. Too many bells and whistles.

    The 3F was an easy option tho' a bit saggy and the corners poor. 350gm. This was at Kirk Fell.

    Second 'T' zip 3F inner is better at the corners but very odd shape.
    Someone else wrote about this on the 3F thread. The back panel is just too voluminous. Unless you pitched it on a slant with the apex tipped forwards and the floor pushed back -the opposite of what is required in most solo mids - you just cannot stretch the extra fabric. As I like the corners very much I'm going to 'botch' it and take chunk out of the back panel. I just need the time and weather to do a 'fitting'.

    I found the inner much more of a bother to make/sort/fit than the fly. An alternative might be to design (and make) the inner first and then do a fly to fit ??……that is what I did when I made my first tent 30 years ago - tho' that was all an accident and NOT planned :rolleyes::rolleyes:.

    PS. More pics not with the weather we've been having around here recently :(. I'll try and remember next time I get it up to fit the 3F inner back panel.
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  25. el manana

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    Hi Cathy, was really impressed by the Mid, loved the shape of it and liked the venting system. Agree about the zip cover, the Duomid has a water-resistant zip but as the zip cover is cuben, it creases and doesnt lie naturally over the zip, I cant operate the press studs and velcro from inside the tent! I wouldnt be concerned about it dripping into the inner anyway.

    Re: the inners, the 3F J-Zip (which I've had Mole offset T modded) had a bit of sag on the walls (didnt used to?...maybe stretched?...dunno..), so where the mid point tieouts are on the back seams, my wife pinned the seams down to the corner, cut away the excess, then stitched and turned over, it removed around 4cm width of fabric from each back seam, just from the mid point down to the corner. The walls are really taut now, still got a bit of contact with the foot of my sleeping bag due to the angle of the side walls.

    I've only set up the T-door strutted inner in the garden but couldnt see a noticeable difference in size/space vs J-Zip inner, struts made more floor space but cancelled out by smaller dimensions?... Dont recall seeing the issue you have with the back panel but it was a very quick setup and as I've just dealt with the same problem on the J Zip version maybe not surprised. Could you not do a mid panel tie out on the back panel connecting to one of Pauls mitten hooks sticky cuben patches on the fly?

    Be interested to see how you solve the problem :) The Duomid/3F combination worked really well, very happy with it.

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