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Discussion in 'Hammock Kit' started by CleanSimon, Jan 3, 2021.

  1. CleanSimon

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    Hi all, having made some soft shackles and whoopie slings from amsteel blue, and some treehuggers from some webbing, im now onto designing a hammock. I’d like to make a double size UL single skin integrated net one with toggles and loops one side for entry rather than zip. I havent seen one (though i imagine they exist) so wondered if anyone knew of something similar or had any experience that might influence or sense check that idea i would be very grateful!
    I currently own a hennessy asym classic with zip mod and 2nd skin mod, and a modless eno doublenest. Im really after the width of the eno but the net/line of the henny, made light and small, so open to ideas!
  2. Franky

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    Teepee your man
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  3. Teepee

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    Making a bug net hammock is pretty straightforward and it's easy to make it any width length desired. IME, twice as long as wide is the sweet spot for comfort (for a gathered end hammock).
    I'm still using a zipped single layer Pertex one with bug net I made years ago.
    I'd urge using a very fine woven fabric that has some resistance to getting bitten through the hammock body by Mosquitos.
    Putting some shape into the bug net makes the project more complex and I never bothered. I didn't even sew the ends, just pulled the excess bug net through the end whipping

    No zip? That's asking for a right good 'Midging' sooner or later. :D
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  4. Meadows

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    Not seen any with toggles for the bug net, I imagine that you wouldn't get a good enough seal to be effective.

    Too wide, like a double, has excess fabric and doesn't really aid comfort as much as the length.

    @Teepee did you just use a rectangle of mesh with a zip on one side?
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  5. CleanSimon

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    thanks, where did you source your pertex and netting? Also yes you might be right about toggles, maybe just a shorter plastic zip, so long as it isnt load bearing. Did you run a shock or normal line fir the net?
  6. Tartanferret

    Tartanferret Thru Hiker

    I don’t own a pertex hammock myself but I have a top quilt and underquilt made from nysil (not silnylon) which is an unbranded pertex4. Also an underquilt made from Pen4, yet again unbranded pertex4. I got that from Pennine Outdoor. Just had a look and they now sell something called Pen2 which sounds promising.
    Dunno if it’s any use for an actual hammock but they will send you a sample I imagine like they did for me.
    I think I’ll get a sample myself tbh :)
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  7. Tartanferret

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  8. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    On that one, yes. Hammock is 160cm wide..had to join the netting.

    Cant remember now very well. Profabrics for the netting I think, a sadly closed vendor for the Pertex. Bug net drapes over the SRL, don't usually bother with anything else, other that some flexy sticks in the loops.

    The zip shouldn't ever be load bearing, and if you make it shorter it will strain as your getting in and out. IMO, it's not worth the hassle and full length zip is best, especiall when you need to Swan dive in when the midges are about.
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  9. CleanSimon

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    I had to think about this but i see what you mean about stress on the zip. Im not super keen on the velcro gusset system on my hennessy and magnets are heavy.
    Im planning a few 4-6 days in snowdonia and the english lakes, so after something as light as i can get it really

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