MYOG me a 1.2 x 1.5m dcf micro tarp?

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  1. Chiseller

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    Nah then...
    I'm seeking a MYOG micro tarp... Dimensions arnt set in stone... But near as possible to 1.2 wide by 1.5m long micro tarp. Ideally 8 perimeter guys, + one central to dimensions on the outside and one central to the dimensions on the inside for attaching my bivi hood to.
    Not fussed over ocd obsessed uniform reinforcements. I've been informed, it's the ideal size for single sheet width?
    All I'm, Concerned with is strength of the guys. No attached linelocs etc... Just simple, suitable loops I can either attach a line directly to or with a mini Niteize type s-biner. It will be only used on fast & light treks combined with either my moonlight bivi (of it doesn't sell) or my soul bivi.
    Not overly fussed for weight of the Cuban...jist needs to be strong enough to be pulled drum tight.
    This is basically a copy of the BPL micro tarp without the two extra tie outs that are along the edges, set back a few inches from the front hem.

    If you can help.......hit me up, if you've got a larger ultralight dcf used tarp that is sub 300g. And could give me enough coverage to use with my superlight non waterproof bivi... . Hit me up... If the price is right... I'm yer huckleberry :whistling:

    Money upfront for the material if needed.... Nomajor time constraint... But would be nice to use before full winter.
  2. gamemaster84

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    Would love to help but i have no experience with dcf, sorry ;)
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  3. Meadows

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    Not seen in the flesh so can't attest to quality etc but Wildskye on Ebay have a custom dcf tarp option.
    Silpoly wouldn't be that far off weightwise and probably a smaller pack size.
  4. oreocereus

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    Pretty significantly smaller pack size (my silpoly mid is at least 1/3rd smaller pack size of my previous DCF mid). Might not make a significant difference on such a small piece of material, but it might make it a bit easier to take a small pack - which I assume is desired when going with a tiny tarp like this. And give you many more options for UK/european tarp makers.

    Doesn't Trekkertent do custom DCF tarps as well?
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