Need advice on fixing a design issue in my 3F tent

Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by KVerb, Dec 19, 2017.

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    Crosspost from Reddit /r/myog, hoping to get even more input here.

    Hi all,

    I really like my 3F UL gear Lanshan 2 tent, but there's a small issue: a tiny bit of leakage that would make me leave it at home for a three times heavier tent if I'm expecting anything more that a light drizzle. I'll try to describe the issue as clearly as possible, hoping that some of you will be able to advise me on the best way to make my tent fully waterproof again.

    I've added some pictures here (not mine) to clarify the explanation below.

    While constructing the tent, they've stitched tie-outs to the two sidewalls. Then the stitching was taped from the inside with a nice round patch, making it perfectly waterproof again. Unfortunately they've then added a hook to hang the inner, stitching through the outside tie-out, the fly AND the waterproofing patch. Now water can seep through the threads and after about an hour of rain, it's being transported all the way through to the inside of the inner's bathtub floor.

    I've already tried seam-sealing with some silicone-thinner mix but the water keeps finding a way through the webbing.

    One idea so far is completely taking off the webbing that connects the inner hook, sewing it onto a round patch of silnylon and then glueing it back into position with some carefully applied silnet.

    Any other/better ideas?
  2. Teepee

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    I'd advise using some flowable silicone; it wicks it's way into the threads and has a much longer open time as it's not been mixed with atmospheric moisture as happens when you DIY thin. The silicone you have applied may have caused a barrier so I'd remove as much as possible. Mask the surrounding and work into the threads to get full impregnation.

    Thinned silicone is always sub par IME.
  3. Dave V

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    I had a similar issue with my ASTA mid. The large leather patches seemed to absorb water before letting it though. I used some Silnet to put a thin layer over the entire patch and found this worked well. I warmed the silnet and area before applying it and it was easier to work with.
  4. KVerb

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    What brand would you advise?
  5. Teepee

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  6. Mole

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    Might try that Teepee. Cheers.

    In the description: Versachem is brand name under the Permatex company

    Might be the same stuff?
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  7. Teepee

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    You perked my interest with that... yes, same umbrella it seems.

    Whuch it appears is owned by ITW (Illinois Tool Works); ITW Nexus findings. :)
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  8. KVerb

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    I've given the in- and outside each three consecutive applications of really fluid (between olive oil and maple syrup) silicone/thinner mix, each time with 24h of drying time in between. I really soaked the whole seam and webbing and then cleaned of the excess with some TP. Will report back after a rainy night!
  9. Clare

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    Have you been out in a rainy night yet?
  10. KVerb

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    Well (un)fortunately not. I'll definitely report back when its had a real good test.
  11. KVerb

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    Update: not a drop came through the tie-outs last Saturday night during at least 8 hours of drizzle. I did not have the side tie-outs pointing upward because the site didn't allow it (tent platform JUST big enough to fit the tent), which made leakage less likely anyway.

    EDIT: explanation on the "pointing upward"
    I usually put a Y-shaped stick under one or both side panel tie-outs to get some extra interior space. This causes the tie-outs to stand upward at about 45 degrees from the ground and increases the risk of water seeping through the fly via the stitches. I haven't yet been able to test whether my sealing has solved leakage in this set-up.
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