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Discussion in 'DIY & MYOG' started by Bob-W, Jun 21, 2020.

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    This possibly could have gone in the Hammock sub-forum but it is mostly self-made :)

    The other week I got five metres of 1.5m wide ripstop nylon from extremtextil in that there Germany, roughly £5.25 a metre. After a bit of figuring things out I decided that I'd try a 3.3m (11ft) hammock. I say "I", my wife has been doing sewing classes and has some fancy looking and expensive kit so she'd be doing the actual sewing. A trip into town to get some Guterman polyester thread and we were good to go. Most of the time was getting the hems sorted on the long edges. The actual stitching was thirty minutes tops.

    Also arrived yesterday was a set of tree straps from Hengehammocks - a bit on the quick side as the estimated delivery was for next Friday!

    There's a sewn channel at either end and I lark's footed an amsteel Evo loop into each of these (an Evo loop is like a continuous loop but with a button knot at one end). I'd also made a couple of amsteel soft shackles to use instead of carabiners at the tree end of the straps. The connection between straps and hammock is via a continuous loop fixed to the strap via a Beckett Hitch and which then pushes through the evo loop and back round the knot. I did take a shot but it was blurred.

    The hammock isn't particularly light at 400g but it's a first go and it's unlikely to be toted around. The tree straps are 30g each and the amsteel is a whopping 10g. We were going to make a stuff bag for it but looking around I came across one that I've no idea what it came off so appropriated that, cut a hole in the bottom to be able to poke the suspension through then taped the edges - you can see that at the RH side of the hammock in the shot below.


    Much comfier for me than the 2.7m Exped hammock. The only problem is that my Alpkit Rig7 tarp is too short in A-frame configuration so if tomorrow's fine I'll spend some time checking out asym or diamond setups.

    Total cost of material: £18.30. £9 for the straps and £5 for the amsteel.

    We did have both set up last night whilst drinking beer:angelic:
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    Looks great, and I bet it feels more comfy for being DIY.
    If you have any non stretchy cord get a ridgeline on the hammock to help set the correct sag every time, start with 83% of the hammock length and play with slightly longer or shorter until it feels spot on.
    Tarp ridgeline ideally no shorter than total hammock length.
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    I've got a ridgeline installed already, I don't think I'm too far out already but it will be a bit of trial and error to get it right.

    It's been blowing a hoolie today so didn't get chance to check things.
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    Testing is an important part of hammock diy :)

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