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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Fossil Bluff, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Looking for a larger pot... possibly Ti although I never really liked my Titan.

    Something around 1100 / 1200 ml - no flash cookery required, you know, enough to brew up re-heat / rehydrate something and large enough to wash my feet in.

    Any recommendations?

    TIA :)
  2. cathyjc

    cathyjc Thru Hiker

    If you're going solo then something smaller will be quite big enough for the scenario you outline above. 700 or 900mls :thumbsup:.
    I like pots that are as tall as they are wide. Tall pots are inherently less stable. Shallow/wide pots are inefficient re. the volume to pot size.
    My current favourite pot is the Toaks UL 700ml -
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  3. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Yup, much appreciated, :) but I kind of know what I’m after in terms of capacity. I totally agree with the dimension thing though... a broader pot works better with my remote canister stove.

    I love the look of this:


    But £75 ... for a pot! :eek:
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  4. el manana

    el manana Thru Hiker

    Toaks or Keith from AliExpress are by the best value, should be loads of choice 1100-1300ml, usually with a fry pan lid
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  5. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    Also try Plaza Japan for good prices on evernew. Although I paid an import charge but not a RM handling fee.
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  6. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Thank you, both... I’ll have a peep at both options :)
  7. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    I have an evernew 1300 and it's not all that, apart likefrom looks I don't see what the advantage over toaks is.

    I also have the toaks 'UL' 650 and it is very light but a little flimsy, I will be careful with it.

    Best compromise is my alpkit mytipot 900. This is a decent size so I can both had a brew and make my supper. It's sturdy too, but not heavy, probably the best of both worlds.
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  8. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Thanks, yes I had looked at the Alpgit mytipot as well :) I’d love something with silicon clad handles... bleddy Ti pot handles get hot.
  9. Clare

    Clare Thru Hiker

    Just put some heat shrink electrical cable insulator over the handles.
  10. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    Outside of the usual purveyors of Ti pots, you can have a look at Trangia for good aluminium pots: series 25 are 1.5 litre and series 27 are 1 litre. Pretty light (less so once you add a pot lifter and lid), available in regular or hard anodised and starting as low as £8 for a 1.5 litre regular pot.
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  11. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Thanks - I have those already, in a non-stick flavour. I might just stick with them and use a foil lid :thumbsup:

    I love my Primus eta pot, the flux ring works well and speeds up the boil time. It works best with a canister top stove but less well with a remote canister stove.
  12. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Good call.
  13. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

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  14. craige

    craige Thru Hiker

    Separate the handles once you set the pot on the stove. I was surprised, but it actually works.
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  15. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

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  16. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

  17. Baldy

    Baldy Thru Hiker

    Lixada 1100
    £25 delivered

    I've got a smaller one and it's good :thumbsup:
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  18. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Superb value ... ta very much :)
  19. Warrenbond

    Warrenbond Trail Blazer

    Iv just got the lixada 550 pot and it seems excellent quality
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  20. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Thanks - does lixada have a U.K. supplier?
  21. Nigelp

    Nigelp Ultralighter

  22. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

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  23. Nigelp

    Nigelp Ultralighter

    The UK ‘supplier’ is Amazon or you order off AliExpress. I doubt any of the Chinese companies do the UK via a wholesale arrangement. That’s why they are cheap!
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  24. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Section Hiker

    Okay, thanks for that. I’ll stick with something that’s likely to arrive by next week but your help is appreciated :)

    Looking at the Alpgit mytistax thingy, the larger pot seems to be just the ticket, I’m sure I can put the other two bits to good use.... eventually :D
  25. Enzo

    Enzo Thru Hiker

    If it wasn't for time span I'd recommend flames creed or tomshoo (I think) off Ali. Under 10 delivered for their 1100ml. I have the 1950ml and it's the same weight or less than the toaks and under 25 delivered.
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