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Discussion in 'Kitchen' started by Fossil Bluff, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Fossil Bluff

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    Well I ain’t eatin’ the pot... just carrying it. Just sayin’ :D

    It’s lurvely

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  2. edh

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    :rolleyes: gas largesse
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  3. Enzo

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    I got the flames creed big ti pot. Would recommend, a third the price and weight/quality look as good as toaks.
    For speed difficult to beat an alu H.E pot.
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  4. Fossil Bluff

    Fossil Bluff Ultralighter

    Oh yes... it supplies the central heating too.
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  5. Rmr

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    I have the Alpkit HA 1ltr pot with heat exchanger, not sure if they still do it, but with gas or spirit stove it's the best I've used. Not used so much now as I use their Ti 650 mug because most of the time I'm only boiling water.
  6. Piiber Teravhammas

    Piiber Teravhammas Trail Blazer

    There seems to be alot misinformation about the two materials and their performance.
    Lets start with the weight. Titanium`s density is about 4,5 kg/l, aluminium is about 2,7 kg/l. Titanium is much heavier than aluminium but the product can be light as it`s yield strength is about two times bigger than aluminium`s (note that these numbers are rough, they can vary as different alloys can be used). If You compare the numbers, You can see that they are pretty equal when it comes to weight to strength ratio. Numerous times I have read that titanium is much lighter and stronger option for pots. In my personal experience (at the moment I use only Evernew pots) they are really prone to be bent. Experience with aluminium pots is that they are bit stiffer but they also need to be handeled with care.
    The reasons why I use titanium pot ( are:
    1. The first and most important - I just happen to have it
    2. Titanium pot keeps food warmer for longer time, especially useful when there is snow and You need to place the pot on the snow to free Your hands. My aluminium mug always cooled down from the bottom but titanium one keeps the temperature. Ofcourse I should be using pot cozy :p

    Just few extra thoughts, although I managed to get rid of the non stick material from the bottom quite fast as I was not used to the "hot spot" issue titanium has, I would still buy new one with non stick coating as it is much easier to clean it. I have become quite lazy cook outdoors, no more gourmet meals for me. If I would take it up more seriouslyagain, I would consider going back to aluminium as I had much less issues with burning food.

    Also, some points on the thermal conductivity and heat up times. Aluminium is faster but also cools down faster, I guess the difference is not as big as some people tend to think. Just look for the wider pot as they catch more heat.
    I think both materials are safe as long as they from respected companies. In the end I think we get more dangerous elemts from daily food...
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