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Discussion in 'Shopping' started by Robin, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. paul

    paul Thru Hiker

    Eastons for my money are the best stakes out there for most UK conditions encountered save for very soft ground or sand. I've used nothing else for 5 years and I've never had any problems even in big wind. Once you've used them a few times I reckon you'll gain the trust you need.
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  2. Anaon

    Anaon Trekker

    Thanks Paul, I won't replace them then and see how it performs by myself :)
  3. Henry

    Henry Ultralighter

    I also appear to have accidentally ordered 4 Easton’s.

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  4. Robert P

    Robert P Trail Blazer

    New video showing use of the insulated pouch for rehydrating hot food

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  5. Robin

    Robin Thru Hiker

    That was made for me :D
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  6. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    Rehydration took long enough that he decided to go nip inside and put on a jacket. ;)

    Just out of curiosity, do you know how much insulation is in there?
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  7. Robin

    Robin Thru Hiker

    Used Apex100.
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  8. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    I remember a debate on a yank channel that an insulated cozy did little to effect the outcome of time etc for rehydrating unless it was sub zero tempreture outside( or inside your shelter)
    A cozy looks good, feels good, but is it un-needed weight and bulk when something more. Multiuser like a buff or a cap can do the same?
  9. Balagan

    Balagan Thru Hiker

    I believe this particular cosy is in fact meant as an insulated pouch for stowing your electronics in sub-zero temps. So I guess it checks both the temperature and multi-use boxes. ;)

    Plenty of curry-flavoured hat stories going round too... :whistling:
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  10. Robin

    Robin Thru Hiker

    Don’t think time is the issue, it’s keeping the heat in. Not really a problem in warm weather but many dehydrated meals can take 10-15 mins to rehydrate properly (I always give them a bit longer) and can cool down. Yes you can use a hat, but your head gets cold ;) This pouch doubles to stop your electronics getting cold and the battery discharging. My iPhone battery has run down alarmingly some times on a cool night let alone a freezing one. With this pouch you can pop it in your sleeping bag as well in sub zero temps. Of course you could just put it in a sock but it might end up smelly :angelic: If you are being stringent on weight then it's a luxury but it only weighs c.32g and folds into nothing.
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  11. OwenM

    OwenM Ultralighter

    If you turn it off over night you'll save the power. I only turn mine on when I want to use it for either viewranger or earthmate.
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  12. dovidola

    dovidola Thru Hiker

    Conflicting advice. I was advised here earlier that as long as you're in Airplane Mode it uses more power to switch off and back on again than it does to leave in standby mode overnight. Or is this dependent on the prevailing temperature?
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  13. Whiteburn

    Whiteburn Thru Hiker

    That's my understanding also.
    My understanding of the low temperature performance of Li-ion cells: the amount of energy stored in the cell does not change with low temperatures BUT the ability of the cell to deliver that energy does; warming the cell after a chilly night restores the ability to deliver electrons.
  14. OwenM

    OwenM Ultralighter

    I was thinking more of switching it off and leaving it off. Repeatedly turning it on and off isn't good. I only use the earthmate app once every three days and viewranger seldomly. If you use your phone as your main navigation tool then it would probably be worth leaving it in airplane mode. Not something I do so hadn't really thought of that.
  15. WilliamC

    WilliamC Thru Hiker

    I think that came from me. To be clear, I tested it with the phone maximum pawer saving mode, not just airplane mode. The phone was a Samsung Note FE, IIRC; other models may vary.
  16. Lempo

    Lempo Section Hiker

    If you have an iPhone, here's some things you can do to minimise battery drain. Some might apply to Android as well, but I don't own one so I'm not sure.

    1. Settings - Battery, will show you which apps use the most of battery. Use that to your advantage
    2. Settings - General - Background App Refresh, most apps don't really need background refresh, so switch them off exept for the ones that you think you need, like navigation app etc
    3. Settings - Privacy - Location Services, set location off for most apps "never" or at least "while using" to minimise the GPS usage
    4. Settings - Mobile Data - Mobile Data Options - Voice & Data, set to 3G, unless you need hi-speed data. 4G is faster thus using more energy as well for transfer and pinging the cell towers more often, as the range is shorter than 3G cells. Using 3G keeps the phone linked to a cell longer before switching to the nest. This is if you need to use data.
    5. Settings - Mobile Data - Mobile Data Options - Voice & Data, switch to Low Data Mode, this will minimise the data usage
    6. Settings - Battery, switch to low power mode. This also minimises the background app refresh among other activities
    7. Settings - Airplane Mode, this turns off voice & data and Wifi. Nowadays it doesn't switch off Bluetooth
    8. Settings - Bluetooth, turn off Bluetooth unless using

    Hope this helps.
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  17. Lempo

    Lempo Section Hiker

    One for the list.

    9. Switch your phone to Dark Mode.
  18. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Ultralighter

    I add boiling water to dehydrated meals, leave them sitting until the time says and still struggle to eat them their that hot.

    Did make a cozy many years ago, thought it was ace, (still looks ace actually) its lived in the shed since construction
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