Overnighter on the Cheviot Border Ridge

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    Metaphorically, the Cheviots are in my backyard. But for the last twenty years plus, I have been leaving by the front door and heading for more distant pleasures.

    I guess this says a lot, probably about me. I have enjoyed a few trips to the Cheviots. A couple of nights in the refuge at the top of Auchope Rig and a bivvy at Hen Hole spring to mind. My overriding memory though is of bogs blighting the summer or "postholing" toil in the winter.

    Perhaps it was time to give it another go. How bad could it be?


    I reckoned that it must be quieter than the Lakes on a bank holiday weekend. That much is true.


    Fairly empty as I made my way towards Trows on gravel roads.


    Military vehicles were absent. People almost.


    At Uswayford I hung a left and entered the forest.


    There was a track and the trees afforded some relief from a blazing late summer sun.


    My only military sighting was this magnificent troop :dude:


    Emerging from the shelter of the forest I was soon on the border ridge.


    This is now largely a paved pathway. Somewhat different to when I made a traverse of this section of the Pennine Way in the early 80s.


    A few folk were enjoying lunch at the cairn on The Cheviot.

    I wandered back down to Auchope Cairn.


    Having nipped down to replenish my water bottle I made my way back to the ridge.


    Four miles to my intended campsite.


    Signposts a plenty.

    Windy Gyle offers a decent spot to erect some canvas, or sil nylon if you prefer.


    Liquid refreshment was required. But outlets are scarce at this dizzy altitude.

    A trip to the Irn Bru distillery at Scotchman's Ford did the trick.



    I have to say it was a very pleasant evening. It was incredibly mild.

    A golden light gave way to a moonless starry sky. Shame I didn't have my camera to capture it :rolleyes:


    The sunrise burned off the dew.



    The return to Trows.


    Livestock inhabited fells.


    And back to the Coquet Valley.


    Not too shabby then. But it still doesn't quite grab me...

    Bit of a video thing here :biggrin:
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    Ssshhhh... don't tell anyone

    Nice report - a pitch on a not so Windy Gyle is excellent.
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    You can’t beat a nice peaty Cheviot puddle
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