Paria Outdoor Thermodown 15 Quilt

Discussion in 'Sleeping Bags & Quilts' started by JimbotheScot, Feb 12, 2020.

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    I don't know how big you are round the shoulders but 145cm wide could be a bit tight for side sleeping unless you fasten it to a 50cm pad.
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    The temperature rating sounds very iffy to me and I seriously doubt 480 grams of 700 (US) CUIN down will take you to -10° C. Cumulus rate their 450 quilt (450 grams of 850 EU CUIN down which is a rough equivalent of 900 US CUIN) at -7° C. The Pariah quilt is cheap but that's it's only advantage and it's very heavy for what it is. There isn't even basic information about the way it is constructed.

    Personally, I'd stear clear of a company that springs up out of nowhere and suddenly sells the whole gammut of outdoor gear from poles to pads, to tents, to quilts to spoons. All of which bear a striking resemblance to the same items sold on Aliexpress. I'd rather buy direct from China in full knowledge of what I'm getting.

    For quilts, I'd look at the likes of Liteway in the Ukraine (also available from BackpackingLight in Sweden), Cumulus in Poland or GramXpert in Slovenia. Even Cumulus, which is the most expensive of this lot will probably work out cheaper once postage and (non-existent) import duty/VAT is factored in.
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    nice i have been doing some research and dont really want to 'take a punt' so to speak as a lot of money and feel like buy cheap buy twice

    had not heard of liteeway before but have been looking at cumulus and gramxpert - what is the pack size like on a 350-400 down compared to the apex, also worried about the length being 6ft 2 would the standard 185cm cumulus be too small?

    def think the quilt is the way to go as get a rubbish nights sleep in a mummy bag, i have a thermarest pro-lite plus with an r-value of 3.something so hopefully be warm enough, i do prefer the colder months though for camping and hiking tbf
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    Vaude rates their Alpstein 450 quilt (EN-tested) at 1 degree Celsius, and that quilt is filled with 450 grams of 850 FP down (EU).

    Katabatic rates their Sawatch, also filled with - roughly - 450 grams of 850 FP US down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which is - roughly - -10 degrees Celsius.


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    "Paria has since expanded into sleep systems, tents, and even double-walled titanium mugs. “We don’t have R&D,” says Przybyl. “We’re not developing products from scratch.” Instead, he targets basic, low-cost construction and asks himself, “Can I make some modifications to existing products to make them better?”"

    From Copycat gear in startup nation which confirms that Paria is very much a virtual rebranding of Chinese factory-brand products with most of its stock actually handled by Amazon (hence the US and EU shipping nodes).
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    theres a youtube review of the paria that looks semi decent but these things are always usually 'paid' reviews

    if it would keep me warm in -1 to -2 it would be ideal but doubtfull

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    Anyone wanting a paria there's a 15% code for the basket 'FB15'

    Also for liteway 15% off code '15off'
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    That makes Liteway's 750fp down quilt with hydrophobic down under £170 695g in weight.
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    @PhilHo any idea to how long the 15% offer runs to on the liteway?
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    Sorry I was just calculating from what Jimbo said.
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    Don't mistake this bunch for who make some of the coolest cyclewear around.

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