Putting a zip in a mesh inner - advice for novice

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  1. pendodave

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    Hi there.
    Apologies if this is covered already, but the word zip is too short for the search function.
    I have a kind of mid (geartop iirc) which uses an A frame shape with the trekking poles. Consequently the mesh inner sits in the middle and there are two small vestibule areas. The trouble is, there is only an entrance side zip, so accessing the other side is a pain and can only be done from the outside.
    I'd like to put a zip in the other side so that I can access the vestibule from the inner to use it for storage. I don't need to be able to climb through it.
    So my questions are, where can I order a suitable lightweight zip (I think a straight line would be fine, the inner is never taut), and is there a good video anywhere of how to sow it in? I won't be doing the sowing, but my wife is pretty handy with a singer....
    Any other general advice in this matter is welcome.
  2. Whiteburn

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    For a start I’d get a piece of YKK #3 continuous coil zip tape & sliders, eBay.

    I’d think about putting in a J or Rainbow zipper rather than straight; personally, I’d look a Rainbow zipper with 2 sliders, with zip tape starting & ending on the bathtub seam, when open the door would hang down into bathtub. 60cm wide * 30cm high would be probably be sufficient IMO needing about 1m of zipper tape.

    Have a look at THIS post for info on prepping zipper & make up a zipper at least 10cm over length.

    Pin/ hand tack the zipper on the outside face, zipper pulls should be on inside face & tape ends should overhang the end points at least 5cm (parking area for sliders).

    Machine stitch both sides of the zipper tape in position, 6 stitch/ inch is plenty, stitch lines should be close to the outside edges of zipper tape.

    Cut mesh along centre line of zip, small pair of embroidery scissors very useful.

    Move sliders to centre of zipper

    Finish the cut edges of the mesh by rolling them under & stitching down, you could pre-pin but I find it easy enough to just tease the edge under with a coffee stirrer as I progress.

    Cut zipper tape to final length & sew a small piece of grosgrain across the ends to lock it.
  3. pendodave

    pendodave Backpacker

    What a great reply. Thanks.
  4. Whiteburn

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    Perhaps I should have stated the obvious (to me).
    Use a polyester thread...something like Coates Moon.

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