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Discussion in 'Places & Planning' started by Mox, Dec 23, 2018.

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    I know your game missy...

    Hoping someone will offer to come with you next time. to show and tell the correct tautology :geek:

    Isnt that the Refuge to the east on Gr 10?? Name escapes..
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    Hey bossman/woman? :) Right, on the basis that there was a thread called Pyrenees 2018, I thought it was a seasonal thing so initiated a 2019 one as I was getting itchy feet. I am more than happy for the thread to be amalgamated into a generic "Pyrenees" thread. I would also note however that the conditions change from year to year and what was available last year may not be around this year (please, too much snow!) Basically, I'm not precious about thread ownership, I just want the appropiate information in the right place henace the date specific title.


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    Um, about those PMs? :p
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    Crikey, you are keen

    You really do like to have all the deets, nailed down good n early... :p

    I can see we're going to get on splendidly. :biggrin:
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  7. edh

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    Here's the Pyrenees about two hours ago...

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    Hi new user from the colonies here, I hope im posting this to the right place. Im going to be in Barcelona in June and I wanted to do a 10-day section of the GR-11 or loop in the vicinity (GR-11 + GR-10?) using public transport to and from the trailhead. I will have a tent with me. Can any one familiar with the area recommend a route? Thanks!
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  9. Mox

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    I'm not that familiar but I came across this the other day with some loops in which may help. There's a schematic map on the top right.
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  10. JimH

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    Not tried it myself, but there seems to be reasonable access to Andorra from Barcelona, might be worth using Andorra as starting and ending points for your loop (I think there's also a loop around Andorra itself as an alternative to GR10 & GR11).
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  11. Whiteburn

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    It's straight forward to get to Puigcerda/ Latour de Carol from Barcelona on the train.
    Depending on how much snow the Pyrenees gets this winter (so far not a lot) I'd recommend the HRP W from L'Hospitalet-pres-I'Andorre (a short train ride N from Latour) with GR11 variant (bypassing Col Mulleres) would be doable. Higher cols would probably still have snow.
    Benasque is about 170km away with public transport, so a reasonable target.
    HRP (follows GR10 in the main) heading E from L'Hospitalet-pres-I'Andorre to Banyuls sur Mer is a another option of similar distance but generally lower elevation.
    Check out Rome2Rio for transport options.
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  12. Whiteburn

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    Latest snow report from Formigal, it looks as though the Pyrenees has seen quite low snowfall this winter; not good for the glaciers but good for those wanting an early trip.
    Formigal Snow History Mar 19.png
  13. island

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    Also have loose plans for the Pyrenees in September. I have been there before in early September but never late. Any issues with late September?
  14. Whiteburn

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    Apart from the colder weather (overnight frosts likely) you may find some of the small shops closed & I think some of the gites/ refuges close in October.
    Significant snowfall is unlikely but not unusual, I've had 5cm in August.
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  15. tom

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    Current snow levels...
    With a cold spell and fresh snow falls, there's currently between
    [EDIT: ] 2 and 4 feet
    snow at 2200m in the Cerdagne region in the eastern Pyrenees.
    Pic Carlit last Friday before the new snow:

    Pic de Noufonts, Pic Eina, Torre Eina and Ambra d'Ase, from across Val le Tet.
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  16. tom

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    More snow last night and this morning. I don't have measures for higher altitudes but its been 8 inches at 1750m in the last 6 days. No melting above 2000m since I got here. Avalanche risk I've been warned by locals...
  17. oreocereus

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    I have loose notions of being in the Pyrenees late season. Generally is the start of October considered the latest "2 season" walking? I don't mind the cold, but probably won't be travelling with gear for dealing with much snow.
  18. Whiteburn

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    Not unusual for snow cover in October in the Haute Pyrenees & I certainly wouldn't be packing a 2 Season SB/ quilt.
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  19. oreocereus

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    Yeah my quilt is apex 233 (Marco rates apex 200 at -5c, but ime apex 200 is pushing it at 0c) . I’ve had the 233 freezing and felt fine. But I’ve not tested the lower limits. Certainly I’d be wary if temps were looking to be dipping much under 0c
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  20. Mole

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    Mid September we've had very unpleasant weather in Aiguestortes . (all day rain, snow- above 2000m) mid September. And camping around Refuge Baysellance (Vignmale) well below zero overnight week 3 of September

    though often warm I'd call it 3 season by end September
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  21. tom

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    There is a reason that the alpine hut season ends around 20th September for most huts. October is a 50/50 chance between a late indian summer and early winter weather. But not a problem with warm kit and adapting to changing conditions...
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  22. oreocereus

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    Grand, just wanted some rough idea. Will see how weather and personal kit are going closer to the time
  23. Lamont-Cranston

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    Mmm looking at potentially end September/October too so I will follow this. Didn't realise the cold may be so close.
  24. Mox

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    So by exclusion, I should be good for the first week or so in September? Anything to watch out for?
  25. Mole

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    Just the occasional rain storm.
    Usually start in afternoon - early evening and done by late evening - midnight, but we experienced a long overnight into next day session a couple times on our trips. Think last year August was worse by accounts?

    Thunder n lightning at night quite often.
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