"Raynaud's" gloves (and socks)

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Stuart, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. Stuart

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    My hands get really cold really quickly, especially when they are static when holding walking poles or riding a bike. I've struggled to find gloves that work for me but just came across some designed for people who have Raynaud's Disease. You can also get socks as well.

    I'm curious if anyone has any knowledge of this stuff.

    A lot of the liner gloves have silver threads which they say retains body heat. The site is from a support organisation for people with the condition rather than a commercial organisation which makes me more willing to believe what they say. Prices are reasonable (if they work), £11 for the basic liner and £21 for a deluxe version.

  2. Whiteburn

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    Not got Raynaud's but I've a couple of crushed fingers that really feel the cold.
    I find using Pacerpoles with their overmitts in winter a real benefit, much better than normal poles with gloves + overmitts.
    I reckon that with the Pacers the hands don't have to grip so much so blood flow is easier & secondly the overmitts are really effective in providing a micro climate around the hands...……… minus 5 with a 30mph wind & my fingers are still toasty even without liner gloves.
    Other benefit is instant dexterity for using phone/ gps/ compass without having to take off mitts/ gloves; you just 'unplug’ the hands.
  3. oreocereus

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    Would be interested to hear how you find these if you try them. I seem to have a lot of trouble keeping extremities warm (partially because my blood pressure is a bit low) so where I see many folks wearing no gloves in some conditions, I’ll have liners + WP gloves on and still have trouble getting my fingers to be fully functional.

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