Recommended me some zip-off/convertible trousers

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by JKM, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    Hello :)
    I feel I need to bite the bullet and buy some zip off/convertible trousers for this summer.

    stretch material
    Belt loops (essential)
    Zip off ABOVE knee.
    Suitable for a traditionally built backside...
    Ideally under £60 but flexible.

    I have craghoppers kiwi pro stretch shorts and they are extremely comfortable.

    I like the stretch Terra's but to my knowledge they don't make zip off in stretch.

    Nothing has caught my eye as yet, any recommendations?
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  2. Davy

    Davy Thru Hiker

    I've a pair from Decathlon, tick all your boxes. Can't really fault them and a lot cheaper than £60 although I can't remember what they are called as I bought them in France a couple of years ago. Only negative is small and few pockets which may or may not be a problem.

    Irritatingly Decathlon seem to change their ranges every 5 mins so when I go back for replacements for clothes I've tested and like, they don't do them any more... Fortunately they don't wear out quickly.
  3. Darren

    Darren Trail Blazer

    North Face Paramount Convertible (if they still do them). Have a pair, spot on.
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  4. Heltrekker

    Heltrekker Section Hiker

    Columbia Cascades Explorer or Silver Ridge, both on sale on Columbia's site, less than £40 depending on colour
  5. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    I bought a pair of convertible trousers once, really disliked them intensely.

    I found when they were worn as shorts, they were to long for my tastes and when they were worn as trousers the join/zip bit was really annoying/irritating.
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  6. Rmr

    Rmr Section Hiker

    I did the same, bought a pair of Kiwi's and just wore them as shorts,didn't like the faff of zipping legs on/off. Now mostly wear Montane Granite shorts and pack a pair of Ron Hill Tracksters for cooler times, works well for me.
  7. Jim_Parkin

    Jim_Parkin Trail Blazer

    I have had them in the past, but the zip seam area can sometimes be uncomfortable, and chafing if you're not lucky
  8. JKM

    JKM Thru Hiker

    I have found exactly that myself.
    I just ordered a pair of the craghoppers kiwi pro (stretch variant) zip offs.
    The zip is dead on the knees, such a stupid place to put the only non stretch part of the trousers. Makes it impossible to walk uphill without it digging into you.

    In the past I have had north face and kuhl ones where the ZIPs are a good 3-5 inches above the knee. These are much better but they are both models they don't make any more and my old ones are getting knackered after using them for canoeing for several years .
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  9. Boozawooza

    Boozawooza Backpacker

    As already noted, check out decathlon. Their travel range I picked up some which will tick your boxes
  10. MonkeyBusiness

    MonkeyBusiness Trekker

    I found that as shorts they are excellent. As trousers they turn into a baggy mess.

    Randomly I was looking at trail pants on this forum today. What's the term....tights!
  11. Charlie83

    Charlie83 Section Hiker

    I believe some of the more adventurous chaps on here prefer the term "stockings"
  12. MonkeyBusiness

    MonkeyBusiness Trekker

    Only on a weekend when they are known as 'Sheila' :o o:
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  13. Cranston

    Cranston Thru Hiker

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  14. HillBelly

    HillBelly Section Hiker

    @JKM are you still looking. I've been on the lookout.

    These Salomons might be of interest. Stretch and look similar to the Craghoppers Kiwi pro in material - I can advise better in a few days as I have a pair of non zip offs coming from elsewhere (only £34!). £66 so just over your budget... but if you like grey - under £50. They have the velcro adjustment on the waist which is good if they are a tighter overall fit and you need to size up. I have also noticed that the Montane Terra converts are using a lighter material in their latest version.
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  15. Lempo

    Lempo Thru Hiker

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