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Discussion in 'Media Links' started by cathyjc, Dec 25, 2019.

  1. cathyjc

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    My wife sent me that this morning, havent a clue why?
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  3. cathyjc

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    I've had my fair share of spice boxes, tinder sticks and windy up torches... :rolleyes:

    Buy yourself what you want, give it to your partner who hands it out to relatives to give to you. Feign surprise when opening...

    All a bit pointless, the amount of cash envelopes exchanging hands is silly. My wife did suggest to some relations we stop buying for each other a few year back... Didn't go down well...:meh:
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  5. edh

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    You said you were thrilled with that spice box :frown:
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  6. Taz38

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    Thankfully we don't have to buy outside our own little family circle. We tend to buy our own outdoor gear unless we really know exactly what the other one wants.
    At Xmas we try not to buy big presents, so a nice collection of small and not expensive but (hopefully) useful/practical/fun/edible/drinkable/fragrant etc. Still cost a fair bit for 5 (+girlfriend).
    In the past I've received all sorts of "not quite suitable" socks, gloves, torches,hats, scarfs :) mostly with good intentions.

    My 16 year old has worn his starwars xmas jumper for a week now :yuck: it was an early present...he seems pretty chuffed with it :D hopefully he'll wear his new simpsons pjs today so I can wash the thing.
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  7. cathyjc

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    I largely had my family trained - they always ask first.
    My mum once complained about how she would love to buy me a 'pretty dress' - but all I wanted was a new back wheel for my bike :D (many years ago).

    Now we mostly only buy (ie. pay for whatever it is the other person chose :bag:), for the immediate family. Siblings stopped exchanging 'money' years ago :rolleyes:.
    And I refuse to buy anything that isn't usefull - "tat" is distinctly 'no-go'.
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  8. Clare

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    We officially don’t buy gifts anymore but we all cheat. I gave the Coldwar Steve ´get Brexit done’ jigsaw to the entire family. But I won’t be around to put the pieces together :tongue:
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