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Discussion in 'Packs & Accessories' started by Karl, May 26, 2019.

  1. Karl

    Karl Summit Camper

    So some time ago I convinced Tepee (Pete) to make me a winter pack.Its big and custom to my likes and needs we spent hours on backpacking trips debating design features to have and leave out. now I have used it on several trips I can give a honest review on it.

    This pack has one main body with Velcro roll top closer, One big mesh pouch on the main body, one full length mesh one one side, the other side is a 3/4 length mesh picked with a 1/4 length mesh pocket below. it has a sit pad pocket on the back it is a framed pack but the frame is easily removed if needed.

    I have found it to carry well and fit my needs for winter and 3 season longer trips extremely well. as with all gear you always add bits and take bits out as you need them. this is staying not for sale. I'm first to admit I'm hard on my gear and this is one tough pack and has handled my slips and falls better than me.

    Big thanks to you Pete form taking the time to make it really happy with it and appreciate it.
  2. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    Really glad you like it bud. :)

    That long side mesh pocket was a great feature, it's gone on all my personal packs since. There's never a shortage of space to put extra summit water, dripping wet shelter, :poop:y groundsheet, tripod, poles, ice axe, 'pons etc.
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  3. oreocereus

    oreocereus Thru Hiker

    Full length side pocket is a neat idea. I (and many others apparently) struggle to access the side pockets on my MLD prophet on the move. I can get things out but hard to get things back in. If I can’t access them on the move what’s the point in a low volume pocket?
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  4. Teepee

    Teepee Thru Hiker

    The side pocket is so high, I can mostly pull things out without taking the pack off. Certainly poles and tripod come out quite easily.
    I though the full length would be a nightmare to get things out of the bottom but it's actually a non issue in practice for me.
    It's been really nice to carry the little RX on a tripod and reach round to grab it out in seconds.
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  5. theoctagon

    theoctagon Thru Hiker




    Looks a beauty :)

    Those side pockets look humongous!
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  6. Chiseller

    Chiseller Thru Hiker

    $hit colour :whistling:
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  7. Karl

    Karl Summit Camper

    the future is bright the future is orange.
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  8. Karl

    Karl Summit Camper

    side pockets are great for tent ground sheet camp shoes water cook kit poles and poobrella. also carry my rubbish and rubbish I pick up in a bag and stuff it in the mesh pocket no chance of mucking up the inside of the pack.
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