Right to roam in England

Discussion in 'Media Links' started by turkeyphant, Nov 30, 2020.

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    Unfortunately I think the headlines made by people leaving loads of trash behind this summer make a strong argument against this.

    Perhaps with stricter enforcement of rules and/or higher fines, but who knows.
  3. dovidola

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    I'd rather have a culture of tolerance, where landowners/agents/governments largely tolerate sensible and responsible access even though there's no right to it in law, than a zealously policed right of access with a framework that provides for ever-increasing 'regulation' (i.e. restriction) in the name of conservation/health/safety/ethno-gender-age-disability-sexuality-social access-monitoring/etc.

    Otherwise, we might find ourselves little better off than with Stan-Loretta's right to have babies in Life of Brian.
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    Is it truly tolerated though? I personally feel discouraged to go wild camping in England and Wales because I can never be sure how the owner is going to feel...
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    Yes, most of the time. I've never been so much as challenged, and people here report that being asked to move on is a very rare occurrence indeed. Being sensible about where/when/how you camp is what makes the difference.

    Of course there's no guarantee of anything, or that things will always be this way, but I prefer the long-standing, if somewhat uneasy, status quo to the vagaries of remote petty bureaucracy - something we're getting more than our fair share of at the moment!
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    As things stand worse that can happen is you get asked to move on.
    fair enough.

    It's one of the reasons I try and keep my kit minimal.

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