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  1. OwenM

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    Came across this on a Swedish Fjallkartan map. Not see this one before,


    I assume it's a boat crossing with rowing boats.
  2. Balagan

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    It looks like it, once translated by Google, this Swedish page on a Kungsleden stage says:
    "The stage begins with a boat trip over the lakes Gasskájaure and Gåbddåjávrre. There is a rowing trail [roddled] between Sitojaure and Svijnne, marked with buoys and rowing boats to borrow. The rowing trail [roddleden] is just over 3 kilometers and takes about an hour to rest. Remember that there must always be a boat on each side of the water when using the boats. This may mean that the rowing must be done three times. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to calm down if it is windy. Make sure not to row too far south, so that you end up at the winter trail southeast of Svijnne. Rowing and boats are managed by the County Administrative Board. The boats are laid around midsummer, usually by July 1st. They are picked up for winter before icing, but no later than September 25. You can also buy a motorboat in the living area of Sitojaure."
  3. Lempo

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    I think I seen that or another place with the similar system on some Kungsleden YouTube video a while ago. They had to tow another boat across, I think.
  4. Balagan

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    In order to leave one boat on each side, you'd have to cross over, row back with second bow in tow and then use second boat to cross for good.

    Or bring along a packraft and be done with it. ;)
  5. MartinK9

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    Don't forget the Fox, Chicken and Corn:D
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  6. OwenM

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    Thanks I'm familiar with the boat crossings just not seen them marked like that on the map before. It's not marked on the old map. I did try a couple of the translation apps but they were hopeless.

    No way am I carrying a packraft for two weeks just for that small crossing.
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  7. Teepee

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    Rodd, rodd, rodd your båt....
    gently down the sjö.
    Lyckligt, lyckligt, lyckligt, lyckligt....
    Liv is but a dröm.

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  8. Balagan

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  9. Balagan

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  10. OwenM

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    Interesting read, I paid the ferryman on that section last time I was up that way.
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